NEC Display Solutions

NEC Display Solutions is considered one of the leading companies in the display market. This year, the Japanese company is exhibiting at Prolight + Sound for the first time. Joachim Fischer, General Manager Sales DACH of the company tells in an interview what visitors can look forward to.

NEC Display Solutions

Joachim Fischer is the General Manager Sales DACH at NEC Display Solutions:

1.Your mainly produce displays and projectors. What do you value in production?

The quality of the product is front and center. Our clients can count on receiving exclusively high-quality products and fully-developed technology entering the market after extensive tests. Have production be as sustainable and resource efficient as possible plays a large role for us. In addition, for us it’s important to offer holistic solutions that are oriented toward the future and scalable. An open, modular concept like the open-modular intelligence (Omi) can form holistic, integrated display solutions where there is no limits set for the application possibilities. Clients can increase the performance of their display at any time by simply integrating an OPS slot-in PCs from NEC, a Raspberry Pi Compute module for more computing capacity or the interface for the playing of content. Naturally, this flexibility makes us interesting for clients as well.

2. With “Green Vision” you offer an environmentally friendly overall concept. How important are energy-efficient products and solutions in the industry and among customers?

We at NEC try to reduce every kind of negative environmental effects because protecting our environment and the natural resources is important for us. Green vision is the name for our environmentally friendly overarching concept. ECO functions, as an internal time planer for the minimization of operating times when the device is not used, or sensors with which the screen brightness is adjusted to changes in the ambient light, supporting effective energy savings. Our product developers always aim to find new, innovative solutions that have positive effect on our energy balance. For our clients and our partner it is important to fall back on sustainable and energy efficient products. The demand for this has risen even more in recent years.

3. You are participating in Prolight + Sound for the first time in 2018 – what were the reasons for this decision?

In 2018 we will be represented at Prolight + Sound the first time, but have frequently been there with our partners before. The trade fair is the ideal platform for us to present our innovative solutions for the rental segment. Within the framework of the fair we have the possibility of interacting with international experts in the field, and talk about current development and trends. For us, it’s not only exciting and interesting, but also naturally is a lot of fun. In addition, we are able to meet up at our main clients, and met potential new customers in the industry.

NEC Display Solutions

The new 4k-Projektor PX1005QL from NEC Display Solution

4. Which products do you bring to Prolight + Sound? What highlights can visitors particularly look forward to?

Of course, our focus is on the products that are aligned to the rental sector. We also present our rental-capable Large Format Displays, which feature a rugged, protective metal housing, as well as our displays for large video wall installations. We also have a couple of exciting highlights to offer: The PX1005QL from the PX series, a 4K projector with laser light source, high brightness values ​​and a low total cost of ownership is brand new in the range. In addition, the projector has unique image processing technology based on the latest scaler chip from NEC. This creates a detailed, pixel-free image. Another highlight is the PA803UL: the world’s first LCD laser projector without a filter. Thanks to the fully encapsulated laser optical LCD unit, a filterless construction is possible and the laser light source eliminates the need to change bulbs. Over 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation are easily possible.

5. What does a trade fair such as Prolight + Sound mean for you as a company and for the industry?

Prolight + Sound brings together relevant actors from a wide range of event industry sectors under one roof. That is why the trade fair is particularly important for us: we can exchange our knowledge with colleagues, learn new things and discuss market trends. Of course it is also exciting for us to meet new customers and to be able to present our products to them.

Image sources: NEC Display Solutions