Verity Studios has established itself as a provider of indoor drone shows. The Swiss based company creates dynamic machines and related systems for the entertainment and other industries. In an interview they explain why the “magic is real” and what visitors at Prolight + Sound 2018 can look forward to.

1. Verity Studios provides indoor drone shows. What are the main advantages of your services? What makes them unique?

At Verity Studios we believe that technology is magical, and we aim at bringing this magic to audiences worldwide. When equipped with lights and costumes, and directed to move with purpose, Verity Studios’ drone shows create spectacular, memorable moments for audiences, no matter what age, gender, and cultural background.

Our drone shows have been built from the ground-up for the live entertainment industry and therefore comply with the highest standards for safety, reliability, and ease of use.

Verity Studios2. You are going to do hourly drone shows of 3 minutes each at your booth at Prolight + Sound. What is special about these shows?

We are just at the beginning of bringing the magic of indoor drones shows to stages worldwide. This is a unique opportunity for the Prolight + Sound visitors to experience the visually and emotionally stunning Verity Studios indoor drone show.

3. What are your requirements for the quality of your drone show systems?

Verity Studios puts safety and reliability first. Our aim is to deliver drone shows that work just as well for a one-off show as for a fully client-operated permanent installation with hundreds of shows per year. To achieve the highest safety and reliability standards we build and test our drones in-house. Our equipment is CE certified, has been used in more than 15 countries, and has completed more than 20,000 self-piloted flights.

4. How do you expect the public acceptance of drones at events to change in the upcoming years?

Currently people think of drones as being some sort of tool and are surprised to see the beautiful effects they create. With more and more live productions including drones in their shows, particularly at high-profile events like at Broadway, we hope the public will come to expect something more from drones than just utility. We hope they will see them as something ethereal and magical. Of course, with that comes the responsibility of ensuring the safety of the audience – something our track record demonstrates.

Verity Studios5. How many times have you participated at Prolight + Sound as an exhibitor? What are the reasons for your participation?

This year, Verity Studios will have an exhibition space for the first time. We hope to have a lot of interesting conversations with current and future clients, and inspire people to use drones in their shows.

6. What significance does Prolight + Sound have as a trade fair for event technology?

We perceive Prolight + Sound as being the most important trade fair for event technology in Europe.

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Pictures: Verity Studios