Kupole: Geodesic Domes For Innovative Venues

Venue architecture and design have evolved greatly over time, with ever-increasing demands for flexibility, transportability and unique design. Geodesic domes meet all these requirements and have become a preferred structure for many venues. Kupole, a Croatian company, specialises in these structures and offers innovative solutions that can be customised for a variety of applications.

What are geodesic domes?

Geodesic domes are spherical or hemispherical structures consisting of a network of triangular elements. They were popularised by the famous architect and inventor Buckminster Fuller. The structures are characterised by their stability, efficiency and aesthetic elegance. They are also relatively lightweight and can be erected and dismantled as needed, making them ideal for temporary venues.

Geodesic domes as event venues

There are many advantages to using geodesic domes as venues. With their unique design and stunning aesthetics, they immediately attract attention and create an unforgettable experience for attendees. Thanks to their modular design, they can be easily adapted to suit different space requirements, making them a versatile option for a variety of events.

The domes offer impressive acoustics, making them ideal for musical performances and festivals. In addition, their design allows for optimal use of the interior space without the need for obstructing columns or other supporting structures.

The geodesic domes are also very robust and resistant to adverse weather conditions, making them a reliable choice for outdoor events.

Kupole’s geodesic domes

Kupole made a successful appearance at Prolight + Sound 2023

Founded in 2011 in Zagreb, Kupole specialises in the manufacture, sale and rental of geodesic domes. These impressive structures are known for their stability, transportable design and flexibility, making them ideal for use in event technology.

Kupole's domes are characterised by their extremely solid construction, optimised for high loads. They exemplify an innovative, modular approach to building geodesic structures. Their membranes, an essential aesthetic and functional component of the product, are made of high-quality materials and incorporate a number of patents to improve their aesthetics, functionality, usability and maintenance.

WizDome: The multifunctional room

A highlight in Kupole's portfolio is the WizDome, a versatile product that can serve as a temporary office, exhibition space, workshop environment, lounge area at festivals or as a creative space for a variety of other events. With its transportable design and modular structure, the WizDome fits the ever-changing needs of the events sector.

The geodesic dome is a robust wooden structure with a modern aesthetic that enhances the outdoor experience. With dimensions of 340x340x290 cm, it is flexible enough to meet a variety of client needs. Thanks to its weight of less than 80 kg, the WizDome is easy to transport, dismantle and even stow away when needed.

There is also a version of the WizDome with a PVC cover - the WizDome Winter. This is ideal for colder days and is designed to extend the season for spending time outdoors, while also serving as a way to expand indoor capacity.

More flexibility through additional elements

By adding elements such as a roof or counters, the domes can be used in a variety of ways.
The Kupole Bar 5 is a creation with 18 square metres of floor space and offers 360-degree accessibility. It can be set up within two hours with just two people. The structure is suitable for music festivals or congresses. By adding additional elements, this bar can also be integrated into other constructions.

Robust constructions for all types of events

Just how robust Kupole's products are is shown by one of the projects that the company realised together with Jaguar.

The special feature of this project was that the new Jaguar E-Pace was the first compact SUV to set a Guinness World Record by performing a 270-degree roll over a distance of about 15 metres.

The project demonstrated not only the load-bearing capacity and durability of Kupole's dome structures, but also the wide range of possibilities offered by their products. This was confirmed by static load tests in which a 2300 kg Jaguar was suspended. All assembly and disassembly processes were carried out in strict compliance with all safety and quality standards.

With Kupole, the future of event technology is already here. The company's geodesic domes offer an innovative solution to the challenges of the event sector. With their modular design, stability and transportable nature, these domes could be the next big thing in event technology.

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