Laserworld Prolight + Sound 2017

Prolight + Sound is a meeting place for new and old faces every year. Many companies are among the regular exhibitors and are present every year – including Laserworld. Since its founding ten years ago, the manufacturer and distributor of show lasers has participated in the trade fair every year. Norbert Stangl, Chief Marketing Officer at Laserworld Group, reports on what visitors expect this year.

1. As a manufacturer and distributor of show laser light systems you meet large and small demands from your customers. What inquiry was the biggest challenge to you?

The demands, especially for projects and large multimedia shows, are often pretty special. One project that has recently been implemented was a laser installation on a huge bridge in China. Ray Technologies GmbH, a Laserworld company, developed a custom 100 Watt RGB white light laser system with diode-only equipment especially for this project. The technology in such powerful systems is extremely complex and it’s an extra challenge if the laser systems also needs to be graphics capable. So this project definitely stretched the boundaries given by physical principles.

But there are further milestones in recent history that significantly influenced the development of the show laser light industry: The Laserworld Group initiated a down-sizing rush for show laser light systems in 2013 with the launch of the Pure Micro laser systems. These units set a new level for commercially manufactured show laser light systems at their time in terms of laser power per cm³ housing.

A kinetic matrix of 50 Pure Micro units was on display at the 2012 Prolight + Sound:

2. What’s the most important factors you focus when implementing your projects?

Most projects and specific inquiries can be served with laser systems of our main product portfolio. As the Laserworld Group sells all kinds of show laser light systems – from the small garden laser up to the high-power high-end system – there in most cases are laser projectors available from the shelf. All show laser light systems in our product portfolio can be offered at best possible price due to the significant synergy effects within the company group that lead to purchase advantages based on high purchase volumes.

To check which show laser light systems are most suitable for certain applications, Laserworld offers the Find-Your-Laser tool on the website: If there is nevertheless no suitable laser system available from the standard product line, we offer product and application specific consulting, even for very complex laser solutions: The members of the Laserworld Group can also take advantage of the modular and proven laser components even for individual laser projects and thus can offer cost efficient solutions at technologically top level.

From our experience we know that it’s not only the affordable price that matters in the end, but that the system actually works as desired – even if the requirements are demanding and the technology is very complex. Both aspects – low price and high quality at the same time – are only achievable in a larger company structure in our particular industry.

3. Your company celebrated the 10th anniversary end of last year. What were the most important highlights in these 10 years?

Laserworld at Prolight + Sound 2017The biggest highlight for us was definitely the general development over time: The Laserworld Group grew to be the largest manufacturer and distribution company of show laser light systems worldwide in the meantime. And several highlights were milestones on the way there: Since 2008 laser modules and components of SwissLas were used for specific high end laser systems, since 2011 Ray Technologies is member of the Laserworld Group. Tarm joined end of 2015.

But also the growth on the international markets lead to different highlights: Offices in UK, China and the USA were founded in 2011, since 2013 further offices were founded in Spain, Japan, Korea, India and also in Turkey. These local contact persons help pushing the worldwide success, especially when it comes to support of projects, which our partners implement but we supply products for. And they are also the local face to the customer when it comes to consulting for high-end lasers and their applications.

4. Your company exhibited at Prolight + Sound since it’s foundation in 2007. What aspects of this exhibition do you like most?

The Prolight + Sound exhibition in Frankfurt was and still is the most important exhibition for us: We present new products and developments there and we strive to meet as many of our international customers as possible there.

The event of the Prolight + Sound is also an occasion to gather the staff from our international sales offices and do specific project consulting.

There is a huge number of exhibitions worldwide, but most of them diminish to “meet and greet” events, which is not that interesting to us. It is much more important to reach a very broad scope of different potential customers – from the “hobbyist” DJ to the high end professional project customer. This scope of target groups can be found at the Prolight + Sound and we’d appreciate if the Prolight + Sound and the Musikmesse get closer again, so more visitors of the Musikmesse find their ways through the halls of the Prolight + Sound as well. The better, earlier and diversified we reach the potential young talents in the event technology industry, the brighter the future development of said industry will be.

5. You already booked for Prolight + Sound 2018. What product news can be expected and what do you plan to show at your stand?

I don’t want to reveal too much at the moment. But: As regular Prolight + Sound visitors know, we modify our stand design every year and every year it is pretty special. This year we will have an even bigger and even more spectacular stand than last year. Information to be revealed already: There will be some new, exciting products and product applications to be seen, and of course you will not miss out on the bar.

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