Leipzig Festival of Lights

On 9 October 2015, 25,000 visitors to the Leipzig Festival of Lights 2015, with the motto “Liberty – Equality – Fraternity?”, looked back on the events of autumn 1989 that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Leipzig’s Ils Medientechnik and Berlin’s Cross Works Projekt took care of the technical side of the event. Ils Medientechnik designed the sound system in collaboration with TW Audio Customer Support Centre Soundlight and the support department from TW Audio.

First of all, Ease Focus 2 was used to plan and simulate the event. Marco Zeidler of TW Audio support department aided the Soundlight team with setting up the system as well tuning it once it was in place. The plan was to use 50 Vera 10 top pieces including the low-mid extender L24 and B30 as a ‘Cardio Setup’.

Soundlight had just introduced Lab.Gruppen amplifiers to their range, and the Lichtfest 2015 was the perfect opportunity to christen them. Additionally, numerous PLM12K44s and PLM20K44s were installed and run via Lake Software. Carlo Törpel was giving intensive training in running the amplifiers and Lake Software by Marco Deinl and Wasgan Wolski.

The amplifiers’ capabilities in working with signal input redundancy were put to good use using AES and Dante. This allowed locations several hundred metres distant to be connected.
As a backup, an analogue signal was also produced. The three types of signal ran concurrently, and in case of damage to a cable or a loss of signal, the PLM outputs could automatically switch signal depending on the priority previously selected.

Switching to a new amplifier platform can be a lot of work, and of course there was a lot to think about at first – there was a learning curve. But the control it gives you, the preventative back up measures, and of course the sound quality of the Lab.Gruppen amplifiers combined with my TW Audio systems has been absolutely convincing. You can tell that Lab.Gruppen has its roots in international touring, and have created what is probably one the most professional amplifier and software packages. The software was easy to learn and I was completely confident using it very quickly. Thanks too to the support department at TW Audio for the extensive help they gave us during planning and setup.
Carlo Törpel

Source: TW Audio