In the field of LED lighting control, the MADRIX brand offers professional software and hardware solutions. Its focus is on simple configuration, automatic monitoring and creative control of LED products. Since 2005, the German manufacturer inoage has presented its innovative LED lighting control products under the MADRIX brand at the Prolight + Sound trade fair.

The main product of MADRIX is the MADRIX-5 software, which enables fast and flexible pixel mapping in 2D and 3D. This software allows the individual control of pixels on different LED products and creates unique lighting effects, graphics and animations in real time.

MADRIX RADAR is another software solution specially developed for designers and project companies in the entire lighting industry. The software fundamentally simplifies the configuration, management and monitoring of complex lighting systems.

In addition to the software solutions, MADRIX also offers reliable hardware products that are manufactured in Germany. These products ensure that data is transmitted securely and efficiently to the LEDs and controllers.

1. Last year there were more events again after a forced break of two years. How did your company perceive the past months?

After two years without Prolight + Sound, all exhibitors were very excited about the first Prolight + Sound trade fair in 2022. Finally, we were able to meet our distributors, specialist dealers, customers and friends again in Frankfurt; to hold intensive discussions and, of course, to conclude new business deals. A special highlight of Prolight + Sound 2022 was the Laserworld stand party. The event industry celebrated exuberantly until deep into the night. After the forced break, Prolight + Sound 2022 was a very special reunion that all business partners had been longing for.

National and international trade fairs as well as customer visits were the best opportunity for us to establish, intensify and consolidate personal business relationships after the forced break. Of course, today we have a multitude of media options at our disposal: Telephone, email, chat and video conferencing, social media, etc. However, all these possibilities cannot replace personal “face-to-face” contact for us.

2. What are your expectations for the industry in the coming years?

I expect a lot of product innovations. The forced pause as well as the subsequent
(chip crisis) have led to a huge product and innovation backlog among manufacturers. This problem will dissipate in the coming months and years. At the last trade fairs we had many good discussions about our new product: MADRIX RADAR. This software solution is now a real innovation in the field of RDM monitoring and maintenance. In the future, I expect to see many more products with extensive RDM functionalities. RDM products – together with MADRIX RADAR will save customers a lot of time and money in the future and of course offer many more advantages.

3. What is the significance of Prolight + Sound as an event technology trade fair for you?

Prolight + Sound is the leading trade fair for the event industry. It is one of the most important trade fairs for us in the year. We always show product innovations and new products at Prolight + Sound first. We hope that Prolight + Sound will be able to expand and maintain this important status in the coming years and thus continue to hold the claim of being the world’s strongest trade fair for the event industry.

4. What trends do you see in the LED lighting control industry and how does MADRIX fit in?

We see a trend towards RDM with some manufacturers. Remote Device Monitoring has unfortunately received step-motherly treatment in the event industry. In most cases, it was only used to address the devices and then usually deactivated or the RDM application was closed. We want to change that with MADRIX RADAR.

Remote Device Monitoring offers the possibility to address devices and e.g. also to read sensors of the RDM devices. There are two main reasons why the LEDs in the projects, on stage, in the theatre etc. break: too high temperature & overvoltage. If you now had a tool that could automatically read out all sensors of all connected RDM devices, in the best case you could detect too high temperatures and overvoltage in time before the LED breaks. This is exactly the idea behind MADRIX RADAR. The clever software runs in the background and collects data. With the help of Big Data, even this valuable data can be stored in a local database. This data can then be graphically evaluated later and, in the best case, MADRIX RADAR can thus significantly extend the lifetime of LED products.

5. With regard to Prolight + Sound 2023: Can you give visitors a little foretaste of what they can expect?

We develop products that inspire our customers. And of course our software and hardware products will offer new functions and features. We are looking forward to showing you all the new and improved functions and features at Prolight + Sound 2023. Visit us at our stand in hall 12.1, stand number B34. If you need a ticket, please send us an e-mail to

See you soon in Frankfurt!