Martin Audio PLS

Martin Audio has celebrated two world premieres. The new and optimized Wavefront Precision Line Array, WPS and the integration of BlackTrax, the real-time tracking for his immersive audio experience 3-D Sound Adventures. At the same time, the latest Powered Point Source, BlacklineX Powered, was introduced to the US market.

Debut integration of two giants

Martin Audio Immersive Sound PLS

Sound Adventures

The debut integration between Martin Audio’s immersive sound adventures and the well-known BlackTrax real-time tracking technology was eagerly awaited. A new algorithm seamlessly converts Real-Time Tracking Protocol (RTTrP) signals into Open Sound Control (OSC) commands. BlackTrax integration allows artists to be set in scene with light and sound for a more authentic and effective AV experience.

Martin Audio PLS blacklinexp-group

BlacklineX Powered

Another US premiere followed with the latest point source loudspeaker BlacklineX Powered. The BlacklineX Powered series integrates acoustic, DSP and amplifier technologies. It is equipped with the 12-inch XP12 and 15-inch XP15 enclosures as well as the compact but powerful 18-inch XP118 subwoofer. These provide clarity, precision and sonority. With optional Bluetooth control, streaming and an integrated three-channel mixer, the BlacklineX Powered delivers additional features. This means that iPad or iPhone control from live locations, DJs and corporate events to permanent installations offers more flexibility and features.

Optimized Wavefront Precision Series

Martin Audio Wavefront PLS

Wavefront Precision

Finally, Martin Audio introduced the latest version of the best-selling Wavefront Precision series. WPS is a passive 3-way system that integrates a high density of drive units into a very compact enclosure. It features 2 x 8″ NF drivers, 4 x 4″ midrange drivers and 4 x 1″ high-frequency compression drivers. The HF horn extends over the entire width of the enclosure and defines 100° of the horizontal dispersion behaviour of the HF and midrange driver.

Cardioid Subwoofer SXC118

Martin Audio SXC118 PLS

Subwoofer SXC118

The SXC118 is a compact, high-performance subwoofer designed specifically for touring and fixed installations. A front-facing 18-inch driver and a rear-facing 14-inch driver are controlled independently of two channels and DSPs of an iK42 amplifier. Each driver has its own chamber with optimized bass reflex ports. This arrangement produces a kidney-shaped radiation pattern. Thus it maximizes the radiation in front of the subwoofer and reduces unwanted radiation behind it. The SXC118 is the ideal partner for WPM line arrays or point source loudspeakers that require precise control over low frequency dispersion. The SXC118 was part of a fundamental realignment of Martin Audio’s subwoofer strategy.

Pictures: Martin Audio