Mott Mobile Systeme: “We will be 100 years young this year”

Headquartered in Tauberbischofsheim, Germany, Mott Mobile Systems develops and produces systems ranging from card racks, scaffolding and transport systems to a wide variety of stages and floor coverings. This year, the company is celebrating its 100th anniversary together with 25 years of Prolight + Sound. In an interview with Martin Respondek, responsible for Marketing & Sales, we learned a lot about the development of the company and what we can look forward to at Prolight + Sound.

1. As a company, you are committed to environmental protection and sustainability. How do you meet these demands in practice?

The production and manufacture of all products is carried out in the in-house production facility in Tauberbischofsheim - all under one roof and from one source made in Germany. This gives us short distances within the company and very low CO2 emissions due to less freight traffic. This also applies to the procurement of materials in purchasing, which is carried out in Germany and within Europe. We operate our own powder coating plant and use environmentally friendly surface treatment with a closed water cycle. In production, we are committed to consistently implementing the Mott waste concept: Recovery and recycling has top priority in our company. For example, residual wood is processed and used as fuel in our company. Furthermore, we obtain our electricity from 100% water power.

Mott_Mobile_Referenz 2019 Bundesgartenschau 2019 Heilbronn_PLS2020

2. How has the industry changed since you started your production? What potential still exists in this area?

The demand for individual special solutions is becoming ever greater in the industry. Customers in the event industry want more than just the 1x2m podium. Colour, shape and design play a major role and weight is also playing an ever-increasing role. Also the user-friendliness of the products is especially important in the stage area. Therefore, for us as a manufacturer, competence and flexibility are required. We respond individually to the requirements and wishes of our customers. This means that the balancing act between individual production and series production must be mastered in planning and production.

The subject of safety with GS sign and TÜV testing as well as the fulfilment of DIN standards also play an increasingly important role. Therefore we attach particular importance to meeting these requirements with our products.

We see potential in the area of digitalisation and individualisation of products through new media in the form of an online shop with integrated configurator. This allows the customer to design his own stage online to a certain extent (Style your stage). In-house processes and production steps also need to be digitalised and automated to speed them up. Thus we are faster and more flexible in production for our customers.

IT interfaces to suppliers and to customers can also help to accelerate processes and speed them up.

Mott_Mobile_Praktikus750_Sitztribüne_PLS 20203. you have already been taking part in Prolight + Sound as an exhibitor for several years Why?

There are many reasons. Of course, as a manufacturer who sells through specialist companies, we would like to be better perceived on the market and further establish our image as one of the leading platform manufacturers on the market. Especially because of our diverse in-house production possibilities, we are still unknown to many in the industry. Of course, we also use the platform to present our new products and innovations, as product development and new products are very important to us. Especially with our specialist companies in the clientele, we often work out new solutions for the industry together. Furthermore, personal discussions and contacts with customers and interested parties are extremely important to us. Here we have the opportunity to cultivate customer loyalty and to get to know the industry a little bit better in the discussions.

4. What significance does Prolight + Sound have for you as an event technology trade fair?

It is the meeting place of the industry. Whether partners, customers, suppliers and market companions. We seek dialogue on all sides and exchange information with each other. We are open to the exchange and actively seek it. There are no barriers for us here. Cooperation and discussions are created that would otherwise never come about. We can present Mott personally on site and thus show people from the event industry a face to Mott. It gives us the opportunity to turn people into Mott fans.

5. with regard to Prolight + Sound 2020: can you give visitors a small foretaste of what they can expect ?Mott_Mobile_Heike Henkel I Optimus_PLS2020

We will be 100 years young this year and would like to celebrate this event at the fair with the people. To celebrate this anniversary, we have developed a new plug-in pedestal - lighter, safer and more space-saving than any other with an ergonomic design. We will give a first insight into a newly developed electrically height-adjustable stage element, which will be on the market in 2020. What many people don't know: in addition to mobile platforms, we are also manufacturers of event furniture such as bistro tables, folding tables and buffet systems. Also in this area we will exhibit a new product again.

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