Mountain Productions Presents MTN CUBE And MTN Chain Slider

Every year, Prolight + Sound is a trade fair at which many new products and solutions are presented. Although the trade fair does not take place because of the current situation, there are still a number of exhibitors who bring innovative new products to the market. One of them is the American company Mountain Productions, which recently presentedthe new chain slider, MTN Chain Slider, and the ballast system, MTN Cube.

The MTN CUBE ballast system


The MTN CUBE convinces by its compact design and the possibility to be transported by means of four attached forklift pockets. A trolley system supports the movement of medium to small sizes. Adjustable levelling feet ensure a safe stand. In order to be attractive on the outside, hard edged corner was omitted. The MTN CUBE offers over 30 mounting configuration options and can be used universally for trusses.

What are ballast systems?

The MTN Chain Silder

The chain glider from MTN is universally applicable and has exchangeable inserts for all standard sizes of chains. Therefore, a precise adjustment can be made with only one glider. The installation and removal works completely without tools and offers a quick solution for stage production. Due to the low-friction material, the chain glider offers a clean and simple cable management system with ergonomic and patented design.

What is a chain glider?

Cable or chain gliders are used for electric chain hoists to ensure proper cable routing. This is important to avoid tangling the cables, which could damage the equipment and cause safety problems. Normal chain gliders cannot be adjusted, so they only work with one size of chain, so many different gliders must be used.

Over 30 years experience in the event industry

Mountain Productions was founded in 1979 and quickly became North America's leading live event production company. The MTN SHOP was established in 2014 in an effort to provide high quality products that would be appreciated worldwide. In 2016 MTN SHOP expanded into Europe. For over 30 years, the MTN Shop team has been passionate about producing specific products and equipment for the events and entertainment industry. MTN Shop also distributes Columbus McKinnon products and offers a variety of large rigging companies that manufacture hardware, fall protection, cables and more.

Further information can be found directly in the MTN Shop.

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