Musiktheater Linz: Technical Masterpiece

Bühnentechnik im Musiktheater LinzThe Musiktheater Linz caused a real buzz at Prolight + Sound 2014 Theatre and Film Colloquium. Why? Its revolving stage, operational for a year now, makes it one of the most modern and technologically best-equipped theatres in the world. For everyone who wasn’t able to make the presentation at Messe Frankfurt, here’s another chance to find out about this technological masterpiece.
The project was carried out by Austrian steel engineering specialists Waagner-Biro. “Our stage technology department has proved beyond doubt that it can deliver the biggest technical challenges to plan,” said Rudolf Estermann.

This new concept for stage technology is one of the most technically complex pieces of engineering in the world. It makes it possible to set up several scenes on the main stage at once, and change the scenery both quickly and with visual flair. With everything automated. The key to it all is a rotating cylinder with a 32m diameter – one of the biggest revolving stages in the world.

Stagecraft of the Highest Quality

The rigging system includes 43 flys with a 500kg capacity, and 8 rated at 1000kg. Along with the rotating cylinder, there are three podiums built into the stage itself, which make it simple for ramps or steps suitable for opera performances or choral concerts to be installed.

A brave new world of possibilities is opened up by the new stage system. It makes it possible to have several productions running concurrently over weeks and months, with the sets and props left in situ, being moved on stage trolleys across the main stage to the performance and rehearsal areas as and when necessary.

The technical side to film and the stage is set to take a more prominent role at the next Prolight, because from 2015, the trade fair for light, sound, and events will be joined by SHOWTECH, which was previously based in Berlin.

Picture source: Sigrid Rauchdobler

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