New Exhibitor: 3D Sound in geodesic dome

Prolight + Sound is always a place for innovations. That’s the way it is this year as well: the Klangdome collective presents its “Abisonic Klangdome” in the outdoor area. The tent construction is a concert hall and comfortable living room all at once.

3D Acoustic in the Tent

klangdome prolight + sound soundsystemThere are many unusual stages and concert halls, and this tent is definitely one of them. The 10-meter diameter GEjODOME is a geodesic dome made of wood with a fitted floor. Equipped with a DIY-3D sound system with 31 loudspeakers and vibrating flooring, the rod construction becomes an intensive sound event location. As soon as you step into the tent, the sound envelops the visitor and outside noises retreat into the background. In the Klangdome, the sound not only audible, but also can be felt. .

Waterproof marine loudspeakers and body shaker

The Ambisonic 3D sound system used by the KlangdomeKollektive utilizes 6x6 channel 100 Watt class D amplifiers from SURE Electronics, feeding 31 waterproof 8 Ohm Kenford marine loudspeakers. These are fitted into hand-crafted housing that matches the ambient. The interfacing uses a RME Digiface USB card and 4 Behringer Ultragain ADAT interfaces to achieve 32 input and output channels.

At the same time, 16 (4ohm) body shakers are integrated into the floor, with half of them are set up with a stereo power amplifier. This creates vibrations in the floor that make you be able to feel the sound.

REAPER are used as DAW for controlling, and operated with the open-source Ambisonic plugins from Matthias Kronlachner. The Behringer BFC controller serves as mixing console.

A different kind of event location

klangdome prolight + sound exhibition music soundThe KlangdomeKollektiv uses the geodesic dome, the GEjODOME. This construction supported by native wood (Douglas Fir, Larch and Spruce) and metal connectors can be used flexibly: as a greenhouse, an event space, living room or tree house. The tent system is based on the principles of the architect, scholar, and philosopher R. Buckminster Fuller and can be ordered in various sizes.

The 10 meter dome with a floor space of ca. 75 m² and a weight of ca. 1,800 kilos will be set up on the Agora at Prolight + Sound. The poles themselves weigh around 650 kilos. The dome’s height is around 4.3 meters and the diameter around 10 meters. The dome is covered with tarpaulins made of AIRTEX B1 in order to facilitate an optimal sound experience and muffle external noises.

If you’re interested, you can check the Klangdome out yourself in April at the outdoor area of Prolight + Sound and take in a three-dimensional music experience.

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