Osram has long been a mainstay for many engineers in the events field when they have to light theatres and public events. Osram’s Kreios product family in particular is one of the best-loved solutions for architectural and entertainment lighting, and the company has recently extended this range with two new products: Fresnel and Profile.

Thanks to their highly-efficient LED spots, these two new products are ideal for perfectly lighting smaller and medium-sized stages. They can be progressively dimmed manually or using the DMX512 protocol, without any distrating flicker appearing. This makes them a flexible solution for a huge range of lighting set ups. Both Fresnel and Profile are also very compact, making them quick and easy to install and disinstall.

On Point Lighting: Kreios Profile

Available in two versions, the Kreios Fresnel is ideal to light up the whole stage. While the Fresnel Warm White produces 7,146 lux, the Fresnel RGBW manages 8,363. The device impresses with its long operating life: up to 40,000 hours. Combined with its compact form, this makes it ideal for use in small theatres or anywhere fast installation and disinstallation might be required. The Fresnel Warm White also impresses with a CRI index of over 92, meaning colour accuracy of illuminated objects should be excellent. In contrast, the RGBW version allows a colour temperature anywhere between 2,800 and 6,500 Kelvin to be selected as needed. This makes producing atmospheric lighting effects simple.