New Quick Connector from LMP

LMP stands for outstanding light and pyrotechics, and has been an exhibitor at Prolight + Sound. Last year their pallet of products were expanded with the LITECRAFT Truss product line, which augments the LMP technology with hi-quality aluminum trusses and auxiliaries. The line of products is top notch, with quality manufacturing that is tuned to individual client demands, and is quite affordable. The newest highlight of the series is the quick connector LITECRAFT Truss KLICK.

With a KLICK

As with the entire line of products, the quick connector is compatible with all the standard truss systems, and comes from European production. The new KLICK adaptor is well-equipped for quick and safe connection of trusses. The special highlight is the patented lock that makes it possible to set up and tear down all kinds of truss systems in next to no time, and almost without a sound. But the KLICK system works without needing any tools. That not only gives you an enormous time advantage, it also ensure that no loose parts can get lost again.

Visible Lock

litecraft_truss_logoA visible signal show that the quick fastener is locked. This not only provides a high degree of security, it also makes assembling the trusses easier. The KLICK lock system is compatible with the LT32, LT33, L34, LT42, LT43, and LT44 and their HD versions (heavy duty). Statistical computations confirm the stability of the systems in conjunction with LITECRAFT Truss KLICK, and offer additional safety. The set with 24 connecting elements is also available with a carrying case.

LMP was already a frequent guest at Prolight + Sound with its impressive technology. The light and pyrotechnics retailer from Ibbenbüren in North-Rhine Westphalia has repeatedly drawn attention for its diversity and depth of products. However, there’s also plenty of room for innovations. For example, it supports the design and programming competition “Hog Factor,” where students and newbie in entertainment technology can win a HedgeHog 4 console and a ticket to the international finals.

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