As a Frankfurt-based company and annual companion to Prolight + Sound, the family-owned company “von Brönner” once again presented its furniture for professional studio construction this year. Sebastian von Brönner, marketing and sales, answered our questions.

1. What can customers expect when buying from you?

Sebastian: The “von Brönner Audiokontor” offers comprehensive solutions for professional studio construction. Beginning with planning work and acoustic concepts, furniture and necessary equipment, up to the complete installation of the hardware, the Audiokontor offers full service from a single source. As a distributor of Artnovion and our own brand Sessiondesk, our customers benefit from many years of experience and our competent team.

2. Which products did you present at Prolight + Sound?

Sessiondesk PLS 2019Sebastian: We presented acoustic products of  the company Artnovion and furniture of our own brand Sessiondesk. The highlights at this fair were Artnovion’s tunable sub-bass trap and the new studio table Sessiondesk AIR, with a focus on working with master keyboards.

3. How did Prolight + Sound go for you?

Sebastian: Even though the fair was much more manageable than the last few years, we were satisfied. We had good contacts above all with regional and European audiences. First and foremost, we wanted to present our products and services to dealers and foreign distributors. We were able to achieve these goals quite well.

4. which topics about furniture and sound studios do you want to take up in the future?

Sebastian: The topic of professional sound studio construction is not new. But current topics are flexibility, better cost control and the possibility to get everything from one source. We will intensify these topics even further this year and adjust them even better to our customers’ needs. In recent years, the number of large studios has decreased enormously, whereas countless small project studios have sprung up like mushrooms. Cheap all-in-the-box solutions have opened the door to production and recording for many. This has resulted in more and more serious production workshops, some of which have continued to expand and improve. We therefore see a growing need for flexible and professional solutions for a wider audience.

5. What does Prolight + Sound mean for the industry?

Sebastian: PLS is still the most important ProAudio trade fair in Europe. While the Musikmesse shrinks from year to year and exhibitors stay away, the PLS remains an important meeting point for dealers, distributors and professionals. For us as a Frankfurt company and for us personally as musicians and recording engineers, the fair is of course our home match. For several decades now we have somehow been part of the fair and it represents a milestone in our annual marketing and product planning. We hope to be able to maintain the importance of the fair with our contribution, so that Frankfurt remains the location where consumers, dealers and brands can meet again every year and grow together.