Red Dot Award PLS Cameo

The outdoor spotlight, Zenit B200 by Cameo, wins the Red Dot Award. The wash highlight scored with its sophisticated functionality, luminous intensity and ease of use.

Cameo Zenit B200 perfectly suitable for film and televisionCameo_Zenit_B200_PLS Red Dot

With wireless DMX, battery operation and its IP65 rating, the Cameo Zenit B200 is equipped for indoor and outdoor lighting tasks. The washlight has 21 high-intensity 15 W RGBW LEDs with a service life of 50,000 hours and a luminous flux of 6,600 lm, which ensure homogeneous colours. The lens made of polyethylene and tempered glass produces a beam angle of 21°.

For maximum flexibility, the ZenitB200 is equipped with Cameos SnapMag technology. It allows filter frames to be magnetically mounted for easy change of the beam angle without the need to remove tools or the spotlight.

In addition to control via RDM, seven DMX modes and infrared, the spotlight’s display is equipped with a 2.4 GHz W-DMX transceiver. LG Chem’s high energy lithium-ion battery is fully charged and provides reliable operation for up to 24 hours in RGBW mode.

With six selectable PWM frequencies up to 25,000 Hz and convection cooling, the Zenit B200 is both flicker-free and noiseless, making it suitable for use in film and television. Colour mixing and dimming are carried out with a resolution of 16 bits. In addition, the headlamp has a selection of dimmer curves with adjustable response and color correction. The aluminium housing has an OLED display with four buttons for convenient configuration. The Cameo Zenit B200 can also be used as an automatic emergency light when powered from the mains and is supplied with an infrared remote control, Omega mounting bracket and mains cable.

Red Dot Award

Red Dot Award PLS CameoThe Red Dot Award offers product design manufacturers and designers a platform to have the design quality of their products tested by renowned experts. Award-winning designs receive the Red Dot, the well-known seal of good design.


Cameo has become a leading brand for professional lighting technology. The product ranges include PAR spotlights for stage and studio, moving heads, lighting effects, lasers, LED strips, DMX controllers and special accessories. Cameo scores with energy efficiency, durability and numerous features. The lighting design can be used inside as well as outside, in discotheques as well as in extensive rigs at concerts and events, but also in architectural projects.

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