PLS SBT event sauna

SBT GmbH has been a specialist for fixed installations and mobile events for many years. Whether sound, light, pyro or electrical installation – the range of services is almost unlimited. The last highlight to be put into operation was the show sauna in the Nettebad.

A “hot” challenge for light and sound

The project has been planned since the beginning of 2018. With its know-how in the permanent installation of event technology, SBT provided the right atmosphere for show-factor infusions. Moving head spotlights and LED lights bathe the event sauna in various light scenes and colours. Several beam lamps for effect lighting and sharp light beams were installed in the ceiling and LED bars for area lighting were integrated. Due to a self-sufficient air space that is constantly ventilated, the spotlights are not exposed to heat and shine through glass windows into the show area of the sauna. A touch screen is used to call up scenes or drive entire shows. The sound system was installed directly in the audience area via several subwoofers and top speakers. Despite the hot temperatures, the sound technology gives a goose bump feeling. Another special feature is the control technology, which was developed especially for this project, as standard market technology does not meet the requirements of the project. The focus was on simple application and professional technology.

Operate installations with one touch: Betatouch Control

Im Alando Palais wird in mehreren Bereichen das Betatouchsystem eingesetzt.Another important aspect of the project was the Betatouch operating philosophy. Not only can groups of devices be switched on and off, but ready-made timecode shows can also be called up at the touch of a button without having to change any settings. Esstheater in Osnabrück benutzt unser Kontrollsystem


In addition, various elements such as light colours can be changed, the light dimmed, video settings recalled, air conditioners controlled or other functions set as required. Electric circuits can also be switched on and off.

Betatouch offers two variants:


LED strips are used both for design elements and for lighting purposes. Betatouch LED-DMX can not only be used for power supply, but also offers a DMX control. The built-in display can be used to dim the colours, set addresses and generate prefabricated colour gradients without DMX.

LED stick

Betatouch LED-Stick is ideal for lighting stages, clubs, bars or architecture. Impressive surface effects can be created and RGB colour mixing ensures unlimited colour mixing.

Pictures: SBT GmbH