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SelbyGuard was founded by the brothers Tjeerd and Michiel. In 2012 they started to develop rain protection for moving lights. Originally they are not from the world of light and sound, but have two other successful companies. One in the production of sun protection solutions and another in the rental of operating materials. The extensive know-how and company resources were the best conditions to develop a good product. In an interview, “TJ” told us what will be coming up at Prolight + Sound.

SelbyGuard Brothers

SelbyGuard Brothers: Michiel and TJ

1. SelbyGuard is the world’s market leader in the production of rain protection for lighting systems. How did you manage to be on top of the world?

We also rent out our materials. We have about 2500 pieces Raincovers in stock for rental, so we have direct contact with our users. We get a lot of advise from our users and we always try to integrate this in our new products. We have a client that is testing our new products before we add them to our rental stock. If it is a success in rental we also add them to our sales line.

2. How has the industry changed since the beginning of your production? What potential is there in this area?

We started in Holland were we have a lot of festivals & rain, soon we had a lot of clients all over Europe. In the beginning the lighting designers were used to drawing fixtures in dry areas. When they discovered our products an knew they where available for rent in large numbers, they changed their designs. It now was possible to use any fixture on any location! Now, a few years later all fixture factories are building IP-Fixtures thanks to us 😉 . This is of course a treat for us, so we now also focus on other type of fixtures – camera’s – audio and projectors

3. For how many times have you participated at Prolight + Sound as an exhibitor? What are the reasons for your participation?

This is the 5th time we do PLS. First time we didn’t know what happened! it was the first time there was a raincover-specialist on the PLS and our booth was way to small for all the visitors. Now it is a great show to meet our a lot of people. A lot of rental clients drop by the booth for drinks. All Distributers from all over the world. And I am always surprised that people are flying 20hours to visit this show! Our Japanese reseller always brings 2 dozen of clients over to this show. And we can present new products to al large audience

4. What significance does Prolight + Sound have as a trade fair for event technology?

Prolight + Sound is the exhibition where you can find everything in the field of light, sound and event. All brands are present and there are only a few products that do not belong in the industry.

5. With regard to the Prolight + Sound 2020: Can you give visitors a little taste of what to expect?

Yes, we are bringing the Double Dutch Dome. A modular concept where you buy the Double Dutch Base and add accessories to build the cover you need. You can use it as an airdome Large, upgrade is to XL an use it for ventilated hanging rainroof in 5 different sizes. And all our old rainroof covers fit on the Double Dutch base. It makes it extremely flexible! And if you buy a few and need more… can always rent them!

Pictures: SelbyGuard