prolight + sound sinus winner

In addition to promoting young talent and networking, every year Prolight + Sound also features special talents from the fields of live entertainment and system integration. Of course, the mothers of all awards: Sinus and OPUS Award must not go unmentioned. The winners of the first award have recently been announced: EUMETSAT’s Mission Control Center and Merck’s Innovation Center.

Installations “made in South Hesse”

We have this experience this every year either: This year’s winners of the “Sinus- System Integration Award” both go to the Southern Hesse region, or Darmstadt, to be more precise. The new IP-based media technology from the GEO Mission Control Center from EUMETSAT convinced the jury in the “Control Room” category. Merck’s Inspiration Wall is also located in the same city. This impressed the judges equally, so that the plant emerged as the winner in the “Corporate” category. The prize will be awarded to both institutions at Prolight + Sound 2019 on April 4, 2019. The main aim here is to give due honor to special achievements in the field of AV media technology and system integration.

Winner in the category “Control Room”
Project: Media Technology in the GEO Mission Control Centre
Client: EUMETSAT (European Organisation for the Exploitation
of Meteorological Satellites), Darmstadt

Execution: SWiCA Conference Technology, Hirschberg a.d.
Welco AG, Arlesheim (Switzerland)

In 2018, EUMETSAT’s GEO Mission Control Centre (GEO MCC), media technology was converted to IP-based signal distribution. This international company operates weather satellites that transmit images from for weather observation and forecasting. According to the company, the GEO MCC is Europe’s most modern control room for satellite control. The pivotal point of the renewed media technology is IP-based signal distribution in addition to three large video walls. This is where the complete distribution of video and audio signals as well as the KVM Control via a central network. An AMX-NX system is used as controller, operation is via AMX touch panels.

Winner in the category “Corporate“
Project: Inspiration Wall in the Merck Innovation Center
Client: Merck KGaA, Darmstadt
Execution: eyevis GmbH, Reutlingen
ART+COM Studios, Berlin
medienprojekt P2, Stuttgart
MKT-AG, Olching
schnellebuntebilder, Berlin

The Inspiration Wall is a room-filling kinetic installation giving the foyer of the Merck Innovation Center with an unmistakable identity. The choreography of the installation evolves from the dynamic interaction of the physical movement of the monitors and the virtual movement of the images. The installation extends nearly 18 meters, slightly convex wall. It consists of 24 rows with three monitors each, which can be moved vertically individually.