We recently presented an overview of the most important work utensils for a sound technician, which should be rounded out with this contribution. Which products can best add to the necessary sound technology? What can’t be missing on professional trips?

Sound Technicians – these tools are important for a successful event

Waterproof, sturdy boxes
Naturally a box is assumed to be along on such trips. But here’s it’s important that the containers are stable and water resistant. This is the only way to protect sound equipment in transport. In addition, at outdoor events sensitive equipment parts can be stored to protect them from rain.

Neon Marking Tape
Many events take place evenings to offer an impressive show and provide for the right atmosphere. In order to make the equipment is inconspicuously integrated on the stage, many components are black. Sound equipment can be more easily sorted when being set up or broken down. At the same time, it can be used for labeling consoles or stage equipment. Even its use as floor marking for performers and assistants makes this aim a useful item.

Sound equipment often involves heavy objects, sometimes with sharp edges. When this material has to be moved from A to B, work gloves are actually a necessity in order not to get hurt. By the way, ones without fingertips covered are the best, for example for detail work and operating pots without a hitch.

Full Batteries
Batteries are already needed for live events. They can be true savers when it comes to signal loss or unnecessary pauses during the sound check.

Cable Testers
Do all the cables work? A cable tester helps test critical connections and corresponding exchange cables. This way possible error sources are easy to find.
With the help of this checklist one is at any rate equipped for the next gig and can bring the event to a melodious end.