PRG XL Video is a regular exhibitor at Prolight + Sound and one of the leading providers for the equipping and execution of large-scale events. This year, the full service provider for event planning is not only making a splash with new event technology, but also with innovative online ideas for the event industry. One of them is a platform for custom-built products, due to launch in 2018.

Sustainability for the Event Industry

The topic of ‘sustainability’ has been gaining increasing importance for several years now – even in the event industry. This not only takes place through the use of LEDs and energy saving technology, but also an online second hand shop for custom productions that are no longer used. PRG XL Video has slated the platform to launch in the coming year. It can be used by all kinds of clients to put their used – and still functional – technology online so that it can be rented or purchased by other users.

A Step Away from the Throwaway Society


To date, there was a great deal of material and special productions disposed after most events. Now the platform is slated to be available for everyone as a location for buying and selling. The disposal of completely intact material aims to be reduced by recycling, and this naturally means that fewer new products are manufactured. This is conserves resources and protects the environment. At this point, the project is still in the planning phase, but the platform is firmly slated to launch soon.

PRG at the Prolight + Sound 2017

PRG had already attracted attention at Prolight + Sound 2017 with their impressive presentations. In addition to the presentation of the 11th PRG Live Entertainment Award (PRG LEA), visitors can view the PRG LEA stage in a backstage tour at the PRG XL Video stand. The show by the band “Foxos” – with their song “Doom” – as well as the light show by Jerry Applet – the ESC light designer – ensured an impressive demo and product show. The most spectacular highlight was the ballet of balls by Sage Kinetik with the BlackTrax live tracking system, which enables the artist with stage kinetics and media content.