Ventum-S: “We Always Have a Delicious Espresso For Our Customers And Time For a Chat”

This will the fourth time exhibiting at Prolight + Sound for Ventum-S, a systems provider for stage design, scene construction, spectator stands, revolving stages, and Mecanum scenery wagons. In an interview, Ventum-S General Manager Klaus Huber explains how his company and the industry has changed, and what we can look forward to at Prolight + Sound 2019.

What products do you offer and what qualitative standards to you have?

Our traditional product, which we have continued to carefully develop further over the past 30 years, is our aluminum stage system for stages, stands, and staging. More specifically, it is a combined (and therefore unique) bridge structural elements system that enable people to treat it as with Legos.

For over thirty years, we have also been constructing revolving stages especially for theater and event technology. In the development, we placed a particular emphasis on the stage-specific characteristics such as modularity, short set-up times, reduced storage needs, extreme longevity, and unlimited ability to travel.

Several years ago, this was joined by our Mecanum scenery wagon. The special transmission concept and the resulting incomparable flexibility of movement, these vehicles have made waves with our customers. This was developed on the basis of previously tested industrial product, meaning we can offer a robust and extremely smart product. The Swiss army knife for vehicles on the stage.

How would you describe your company in five words?

Our company has a long tradition and our structure also facilitate a high level of innovation. This way we have been able to continue to develop our products over many years, but the compatibility has always remained despite wide-ranging improvements and adjustments. We maintain a very good relationship with our customers, sometimes developing a friendship over many years. We place an emphasis on prompt service and the satisfaction of our partners.

What can visitors of Prolight + Sound 2019 look forward to in particular?

Ventum-s-bühnentechnikOur visitors can look forward to new variants of the Mecanum scenery wagon, an innovative lifting technology for the scenery wagon, new disc motors with programmable controls as well as clever additions to our staging tool kit.

In addition, we always have delicious espresso and time to talk to our customers about our products, or about general topics.

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