For some years now, the topic of “sustainability” has also been gaining importance in the event industry. This includes not only the use of LEDs and energy-saving technologies, but also solutions for the environmentally friendly implementation of events. The team from TRASH GALORE has such an idea, who want to create an online second-hand goods store. The aim is to enable event organizers to put used and still functional technology online so that it can be rented or bought by other users.

Make event management more sustainable

After trade fairs, festivals or film shoots, masses of high-quality, reusable materials simply fly into the bin – only a few days in use, they are thrown away again. Overflowing stocks and cheap production costs make it easier to buy materials over and over again instead of using them a second time.

At the same time, the stocks of many charitable projects are as empty as the production pots of their cities. Small theatres, self-help workshops, cultural and meeting centres – they lack means and material at every corner.

The team of TRASH GALORE wants to change that

TRASH GALORE offers major events to bring their leftover material as donations to where it is needed. In this way, leftover wood from the exhibition stand, for example, becomes a cabaret stage. The socio-cultural centre is painted with the colour remains of the festival. Or a children’s theatre, which is equipped with used molleton from a conference.

This is environmentally friendly, because materials and products do not simply end up in the trash, but can be reused. Furthermore, the ecological footprint is minimized and social responsibility is strengthened.

Waste is thus given a new definition and recyclable materials are given a longer life without energy-intensive recycling processes.

Consumption in focus

The young team of TRASH GALORE wants to hit the sore spot of big events and raise the awareness of the “throw-away society” for a long-term solution. People should be encouraged to minimalism instead of producing everything in abundance.

The use of sustainable materials in the industry should be promoted and upcycling should be transferred from trend to everyday life.

With their idea and ideals, the TRASH GALORE team was able to win many hearts at the futureSAX audience award and is among the 10 best placed.

cover picture: freestocks-photos | Pixabay