Together With Tent Dimension Against The Crisis

The Corona pandemic has shown that the demands on events held outdoors can also change rapidly. At the same time, the virus poses enormous challenges for government, agencies and health care facilities. Tent Dimension has expanded its range of services to include Corona-compliant tent structures. These can be used for rapid response in a crisis…

#handforahand: Lightpower And MA Lighting Help Event Industry

Freelancers and self-employed people in the event industry are particularly hard hit by the current crisis. Through no fault of their own, they are falling through the aid cracks of the federal, state and local governments and are now dependent on basic benefits (in Germany Hartz IV). To help them, an independent solidarity fund has…

“We Never Stopped”: PRG Drive Innovation During Corona-Crisis

The events industry is fighting the effects of the Corona crisis with various means. Many companies are using existing resources and know-how to help people, companies and the event industry. One such example is PRG, the full-service provider for the equipment and implementation of events and productions. Helping people with technology During the pandemic, the…

Strand Lighting Presents Lighting Console For Small & Medium Applications

Strand, manufacturer in the theatre lighting sector, has presented its new lighting console, NEO Compact 10. This more compact version of the NEO Console offers the power of the NEO software in a 10-fader lighting control console that is perfect for educational, theatre or church applications. Use in small & medium venues The new lighting…

ETC Releases New Training Videos For Eos Augment3d

New tools always mean new workflows. ETC recently released the new 3D programming environment, Eos Augment3d, and has now announced a video tutorial series for the tool. The manufacturer of theatre, entertainment and architectural lighting continues to focus on education. 39-part video series on Eos Augment3d With Eos Augment3d, released with the Eos v3.0 software…

SRS Adds UV-C-based Air Purifier to Its Portfolio

The ongoing corona pandemic has forced many companies to react to the changed market conditions. The demand for effective hygiene solutions for public spaces has increased dramatically in recent months. For this reason, the Slovakian manufacturer of event technology SRS Group has expanded its portfolio of industrial solutions with the product line SRS medilux. Aggressive…

New Regulations For Laser Shows in Switzerland – Corona Compliant Seminars

Already in February 2019, the Federal Council of Switzerland issued the Ordinance on Protection against Hazards arising from Non-Ionising Radiation and Noise (V-NISSG). This will take effect in December 2020 and defines that an operator with expertise is required for each laser show. Laserworld offers corona-compliant seminars for the proof of expertise as well as…

Restart For Fairs: Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2020

Messe Frankfurt has been organising its first trade fairs in China again since mid-July, including Prolight + Sound, which was held for the 18th time in Guangzhou from 21 to 24 August 2020. In compliance with strict hygiene and safety regulations, 677 exhibitors and around 41,500 visitors took part in the trade fair. Largest sourcing…

DPA Microphones Will Soon Land On Mars

DPA microphones will soon land on Mars! On July 30, 2020, the Mars 2020 Rover of NASA was sent on its way to Mars - fully equipped with technical equipment of DPA microphones.

Microphones are supposed to give insight into the soundscape

In order to gain insights into the soundscape in the Martian atmosphere, the Mars 2020 Rover will be equipped with audio devices from DPA microphones. During the journey, the audio devices will be at rest, but as soon as the rover enters the Martian atmosphere, the microphones will record the sounds of the descent.

The first sounds of the Martian atmosphere could already be heard on December 1, 2018. A highly sensitive seismometer on board NASA's InSight Mars Lander recorded vibrations caused by the Martian wind. In addition, the vehicle's air pressure sensor also recorded the wind noise. However, the sounds were recorded with instruments made for other purposes, so the recordings can only give an idea of what the soundscape really sounds like.

Which DPA equipment is used ?

NASA has extensively tested a variety of microphones and selected DPA equipment. The 4006 omnidirectional microphones will be the "ears" of the rover; they are mounted on the vehicle and paired with modular active MMP-G cables that act as ultra-transparent preamps. An MMA-A digital audio interface will be located inside the vehicle body, which serves as the auditory part of the "brain". The MMA-A will digitize the sound to the highest quality and transmit it to a computer in the rover via a USB connection.

The journey to Mars will certainly not be a walk in the park, as the rover is exposed to extreme temperatures (down to -100°C), fluctuating travel pressure and intense vibrations. A special housing is to ensure that the equipment arrives unharmed. In addition, work is underway on a special MMP-G amplifier housing that can be screwed to the outside of the rover.

Special microphone from DPA should capture soundscape

Entering the atmosphere, descent and landing are the most risky parts of the whole mission. No one has ever seen or heard a parachute open in the Martian atmosphere or the rover being lowered on a line from its descent stage to the Martian surface. The task of the DPA microphones is to capture these sounds for NASA. The special microphone is to be used when entering the atmosphere and finally on the surface of the planet.

Sample Music Festival: “We are looking forward to Frankfurt!”

The Sample Music Festival is Berlin's annual meeting place for an international audience of creative people who want to explore the boundaries of contemporary digital performance art. Since its founding in 2015, it is currently developing into a pop-up event in collaboration with established industry giants such as Prolight+Sound Frankfurt and Dubai. In the interview…

New business segment for VisionTwo: UV-C disinfection lamps

Despite current circumstances new ways take - completely after this slogan the distribution assumption VisionTwo takes over the selling of a comprehensive product series of UV C disinfection lamps. Originally as exclusive selling partners for professional technology of different sections in Event, TV and theater at the market positioned, opens vision Two now a new…

Mondo awards: 2020 Winners Announced

The mondo awards were presented for the third time this year. The atmospheric event took place in the past two years as part of Prolight + Sound. Prolight + Sound sponsors the "Venue of the year", which unfortunately could not take place this year. The winners of the mondo awards 2020 However, the winners in…