Behind the Scenes: How does a video mapping project get started?

Some of you may already have been able to enjoy one of these 3D events. But you might not have realised just how much work had to be done behind the scenes to make it all possible. An iteration of URBANSCREEN took part in Bremen’s Culture and Creative Industry Day in 2013.

“We are trying to develop an art form that stands on its own, that has its own voice. Not a factual one, like with a film or museum, but one that speaks in poetic images,” said project creative director Thorsten Bauer. Houses that seem to move with the wind, or suddenly collapse in on themselves: the latest projection technology can produce some startling effects, and URBANSCREEN shows how they do it in the video.

Media artists URBANSCREEN have already been guests at Prolight + Sound. The annual trade fair offers music and technology fans a chance to see all the latest industry trends.

Source: Vimeo video platform

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