Beker – Hear Music Underwater

Listen to music on the go or while playing sport, without cutting yourself off from the outside world? No problem these days with the right gadgets – more specifically, bone conduction headphones. They take advantage of vibrations, which are channelled directly to the auditory nerve through the skull. The Beker bone conduction headphones go a step further by making it possible to listen to music underwater, and make use of a host of other useful features.

That’s right, Beker make it possible to listen to music without having headphones directly on or in your ears. Not only is the gadget waterproof, you don’t need a separate smartphone to send songs to it via Bluetooth. Beker is the perfect companion for any kind of sports, leaving your ears free to pick up on environmental noise – which could mean hearing that oncoming car or another source of danger. And the waterproof IPX8 case makes it ideal for swimmers in particular.

Skull and Music

A further positive for the device is 4GB of internal storage – room for around one thousand songs. Using the Beker is easy as pie. You wear it almost like a headband, with all the technology, including the vibration motor, finding itself against the back of your skull. All it takes is the press of a single button to start Beker off or transfer music – this can also be found at the back of your head, where further controls allow you to easily skip through tracks. The sound quality won’t match up to standard high-quality headphones, but that’s the payoff for the unique features and opportunities to use the device in novel environments that the Beker offers – swimmers and other watersports enthusiasts in particular can really make good use of it. It also offers an impressive 8 hour battery life and is available on indiegogo for $62, with delivery scheduled for March 2016. Beker looks set to be ideal for runners and swimmers alike.

Source: Beker

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