Chauvet Professional Expands Rogue And Maverick Series

The American manufacturer Chauvet Professional has announced a new wash light from the Rogue series as well as a Maverick outdoor spot. While the Rogue R1 BeamWash, a versatile and compact spotlight, is characterized by a short installation and dismantling time, the Maverick Storm 1 meets all outdoor requirements.

Solid beam effects in the tightest of spaces

Compact and powerful: The Rogue R1 BeamWash

Compact and powerful: The Rogue R1 BeamWash

With a weight of 5.5 kg, the Moving Head is a lightweight with versatile applications and a specially developed optical system. With seven 40W RGBW LEDs and a zoom range of 5 to 58.2 degrees, solid beam effects can be projected in the tightest of spaces. In addition, the all-rounder has a colour temperature range of 2,800 to 10,000 Kelvin, which can be used to create radiant effects in any colour mix.

Fast and smooth panning and tilting movements as well as PWM settings for flicker-free camera operation distinguish the Wash-Light just as much as the RDM capability for remote control.

Small, versatile motion head

A further highlight is the small size of the BeamWash, which allows a versatile use. The Rogue R1 can be used for shows, galas and TV recordings, but especially for touring. The compact design of the spotlight reduces set-up and dismantling times, making it attractive for concerts and tours.

The new BeamWash is part of the powerful Rogue series, which includes several spots, beams and an LED effect light fixture.

Outdoor spot Maverick Storm 1 defies any weather

At Prolight + Sound 2019 Chauvet already presented the Maverick Storm Wash

At Prolight + Sound 2019 Chauvet already presented the Maverick Storm Wash

In addition to the Rogue R1, the US company has introduced a new Cool White LED moving head that is particularly suitable for outdoor events. The Maverick Storm 1 Spot delivers a flat, even light field in any weather with variable CMY and CTO colour mixing to create a wide range of colours. Features such as 8 to 48 degree zoom and field angles, 16-bit dimming for smooth fade control and 5-facet motor and rotary prism give lighting designers a wide range of creative possibilities. In addition, there is an animation wheel, an aperture for beam guidance and independently controlled light and medium frosts.

The 32,000 lumen light source and the illuminance of up to 28,829 lux (at 5 metres) ensure that the luminaire can also be present on stage in daylight. The 480W cold white floodlight also features an aluminium alloy housing, marine grade 316 stainless steel screws, M12 Gore valves and an optical sun protection system. At the same time, the spot is compact enough to allow easy installation on any rig, weighing only 38.19kg.

Chauvet is considered one of the leading developers of luminaires, trusses, controls, atmospheres and related equipment. The company was founded in 1990 by Albert and Berenice Chauvet and has offices around the world.

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