China Gadget of the Week: Bikes Turn into Screens

These days, many people depend on the daily use of bicycles as a means of transportation. That’s why a properly functioning light is important, especially at night or during poor weather. The China gadget ‘Balight’ is definitely an attention-grabber and an additional source of light. As soon as darkness falls, the LEDs shine gloriously and project an illustration on the spokes of the bike. The illustration can be chosen via smartphone or also designed personally. The rotation of the wheel is intentionally utilised by this invention and makes the feature work in the first place. That’s why the Balight invention is particularly interesting for gadget fans and bike enthusiasts.

China Gadget: How it Works

Strips of Balight LEDs are attached to the spokes, which then light up differently while in motion and in this way create the ‘display’. The sequence in which the glowing LEDs from China Gadget shine is calculated in conjunction with the speed at which the wheel spins. This creates impressive images and animations as soon at the wheel begins to spin or the bike is set into motion. Even videos can be projected onto the moving wheel. Since it controls all functions, your smartphone serves as your communication partner and mediator. You can also become artistically creative and design sketches on the smartphone in order to display them on the bike.

Balight is constantly making progress by developing new, innovative ideas. By now, a large range of LEDs can be attached to the spokes, creating images with higher resolution and more pixels. The gadget isn’t just an eye catcher in regards to optics. Characteristics such as being splash proof or protection against blows are additional arguments for the feature and justify the price of around €100 per piece. At the moment China Gadget is being presented and marketed on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Orders can be placed around the clock and perhaps this will lead to a colourful sea of lights soon being on the streets. And not just on bikes…

Source: Balight (ShenZhen MakerScope Technology Co.,Ltd.)

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