Elation Unveils KL Panel XL LED Soft Light

Elation Lightning expands its LED soft light portfolio with the KL Panel XL. The larger version of the KL Panel emits nearly twice the power and boasts multi-zone control for dynamic effects.

Compact spotlight with full color spectrum

Elation KL Panel XLThe compact fixture impresses with a full color spectrum that offers high output, precise color temperature control, full-spectrum color rendering and uniform light coverage. The KL Panel XL is therefore particularly suitable for film and television productions that require bright and variable lighting of very high quality for key-, fill- and backlight. The fixture is optimized for tunable white light requirements, making it ideal as a key and fill light source when high output and color quality are required.

The KL Panel XL features an efficient 6-in-1 LED package that produces up to 44,000 field lumens at a half-angle of 100°. With a 544W RGBW+ Lime + Cyan LED array, the fixture produces soft white or full-color washes. Color rendering is accurate to both the eye and camera with a CRI of 95. At the same time color temperature is adjustable from 2,000 to 10,000K for a wide range of variable color or white shadow projections.

Compact and portable, the spotlight can be mounted on a tripod as well as suspended with a standard clamp or the included Junior Pin Adapter. A rugged housing with impact-resistant bezels and a baseplate ensure the KL Panel XL can withstand conditions on today's fast-paced sets.

Silent, self-powered and dynamic

Elation KL Panel XLThe KL Panel XL's LED array features multi-zone control for dynamic color access, eye-candy effects, and realistic rendering of effects such as fire, lightning, emergency vehicles, or a variety of strobe effects.

The area light is also virtually silent, which also makes it ideal for use on TV and film sets. The LED refresh rate of 900 to 25,000 Hz can be adjusted for flicker-free operation.

The KL Panel XL is also fully self-contained and requires no external power supply. It can also be powered by 24-36 VDC via its built-in 4-pin XLR battery input.

In addition, the fixture can be operated via industry standard DMX, Art-NET or sACN protocols. The included encoder in combination with the OLED display also allow for manual adjustment. This ensures full control over intensity, color temperature, green shift and other settings. The display and encoders are conveniently positioned on the bottom of the unit for easy access.

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