ELATION launches new brand: Magmatic

ELATION Professional has launched its new brand for Haze, Fog and FX machines and UV effects. With Magma Prime Magmatic now introduces the first hazer of the Magma series.

Magma Prime: Haze for professionals and beginners

This is a water-based hazer that promises high performance and a dry skin effect with low liquid consumption. Magma Prime is a robust, universal hazer that is suitable for beginners and professionals alike. The built-in HPA (High Pressure Air) pump technology and the automatic self-cleaning system are designed to reduce the risk of clogging the heating block. If no liquid is detected in the tank, the automatic shutdown feature ensures safe operation and avoids idling.

Connections Magma Prime HazerCompact and designed for intensive use

With a weight of around 10 kilograms and an integrated carrying handle, the Magma Prime has a very compact design and can be placed in the environment quickly and easily.
The Hazer is designed for rough tours and multiple, intensive use. The device has a sturdy aluminium housing and an equally robust construction for reliable performance. Its thermally shielded 700 W heating block generates a full load output of 113 m3/min. Since the unit uses only 3.4 ml of fluid per minute at maximum output, its fine Haze can be used for hours to enhance lighting effects. Magma Prime is easy to use thanks to an integrated LCD touch screen with manual and timer control options, intuitive DMX 512-A (RDM) and optional wired and wireless remote control options.

ELATION Professional develops product lines

The MAGMATIC special effects developed and distributed by ELATION offer a range of haze and fog machines with the Magma and Thermatic series. The Magmatic Prisma series also offers IP 65 certified UV LED products. In addition, they offer atmospheric snow machines with the Polar series and CO2 effects with the Rocket series. ELATION has also developed a complete product line of special FX fluids under the name Atmosity for use with the new effect machines.

Elation Lighting Inc. is a privately owned company founded in 1992 with headquarters in Los Angeles, California. All products are developed and designed in the USA, with sales and support offices in the USA, Mexico and Europe and distribution through a worldwide network of distributors.

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