ETC Releases New Training Videos For Eos Augment3d

New tools always mean new workflows. ETC recently released the new 3D programming environment, Eos Augment3d, and has now announced a video tutorial series for the tool. The manufacturer of theatre, entertainment and architectural lighting continues to focus on education.

39-part video series on Eos Augment3d

With Eos Augment3d, released with the Eos v3.0 software update, ETC has launched its first integrated 3D programming environment. With this tool, Eos users can now control and plan in three dimensions.

The released 39-part video series takes users into the world of programming tools and software programs in Eos v3.0. The training videos are available on YouTube or on Section "Expert Topics" of the Eos Family Video Learning Series, together with a new workbook to accompany the videos.

Step by step: Initial instructions for handling Augment3d

The video series contains instructions for the first steps with Augment3d, with topics such as importing 3D models and objects, adding, patching, moving and focusing fixtures, working with focus palettes in XYZ mode and working with staging mode in live and blind. Users will learn, among other things, how to add and align installations in Augment3d, how to use the staging mode for the Eos workflow and how users benefit from the integrated augmented reality technologies of the Eos remote control apps.

ETC Training-Videos Eos Augment3dOther videos guide users through the Fixture Position Estimation Tool. This tool uses a set of focus palettes to calculate the positions of fixtures in 3D space. Through the Focus Wand, users of iRFR and aRFR Focus Remote apps can interact with their rigs in augmented reality.

Continuing education also at corona times

ETC has created the Study Hall to help end users to use pandemic-related downtime to improve their professional skills. Recordings from this summer's Augment3d series are available on the YouTube channel, and other Eos-related webinars will continue to be posted regularly.

ETC's educational efforts with Eos do not stop there. With many end-users teaching and learning from a distance this year, ETC has also created an Eos resource page for educators. This site is designed to help educators take advantage of teaching resources such as the Augment3d virtual light laboratory, and find their way around other Eos online resources such as the ETC LearningStage.

"ETC has a longstanding commitment to education outreach – from student mentorship programs to professional development workshops like CUE," explains Nick Gonsman, ETC’s Product Manager for Lighting Controls. "As lighting control technology evolves, we continue that commitment by expanding our industry-leading education series – free and online – to help students and professionals grow their skills."

Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) is a manufacturer of theatre, entertainment and architectural lighting. The company employs more than 1000 people worldwide, with approximately 750 of them at its headquarters in Middleton, USA, and at its subsidiaries in New York City, Hollywood, Orlando, London, Copenhagen, Ede (NL), Berlin, Holzkirchen, Rome and Hong Kong.

pictures: ETC

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