Exhibition: “Faces Behind The Voices”

We recognize them exactly, and immediately know when they’ve been replaced in movies – the dubbed voices for Hollywood stars like Brad Pitt, Adam Sandler, or Jennifer Lawrence. However, only the fewest know the person behind the voice. Dubbing voice artists usually operate in the background, although they are fundamentally important to the movie´s success in Germany. But who are these people? What motivates them to choose their profession and what is life like being the “the voice for someone”? In the exhibition “Faces Behind The Voices” the Berlin-based photographer Justus Schöler directs his focus on the frequently hidden artist.

Travelling Exhibition to be Seen Throughout Germany

After the photographer’s work was admired by visitors at Prolight + Sound during the trade fair, it can be viewed in Dresden Central Station until June 15. The exhibition will subsequently be sent to various train stations throughout Germany till the end of the year in the form of a traveling exhibit. Perhaps “Faces Behind The Voices” will also soon be in a train station close to you as well. Just check the exhibition dates.

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