Extended Reality World: Animal Hologram Show At French Zoo

Starting this year, the French Zoo d'Amnéville presents a fascinating, immersive show that extends reality. In the Extended Reality World, animals in their natural habitat not only become visible, but can be experienced. The team of experts and artists of blueBOX & Extended has created an extended reality show, unique in the world, that allows visitors to discover the beauty of our planet and its nature and to understand its fragility.

300-square-meter holographic screen

The zoo's own multi-purpose arena allows up to 2,000 people to experience the hologram show, which features animals in their natural habitat. Extended Reality World first takes viewers on a journey into outer space. Then the young and old zoo visitors dive into three different habitats. Here they experience tigers, polar bears, sharks, whales and other animals in their natural environment. To make the illusion as real as possible, a 300-square-meter holographic screen and a 400-square-meter poly screen were installed for projection mapping. In addition, a total of 34 projectors, including ten Optoma ZU1050s with 10,000 lumens each and 24 Optoma ZH406s with 4,500 lumens each, and 16,000 watts of sound provide an impressive immersive virtual environment (IVE). Visitors will get the impression of literally being able to touch the animals.

"We are very excited about our partnership with the artists of Extended, the global experts in the field of hologram shows," said a delighted Dominik Zwerger, managing director of Prudentia Capital, owner of the Amnéville Zoo. Together, he says, a new concept for the event arena in the form of the largest hologram show with animals in the world was created in a very short time.

Extended World Reality Zoo d'Amnéville

Useful for corporate events

The new show combines an extraordinary experience with modern knowledge transfer, creating another incentive to visit the zoo. For example, an X-Ray effect shows a skeleton that clarifies the movement sequences.

In addition, the arena will also be used for corporate and business events in the future. Hologram technology is not limited to showing the animals in their environment. The holography technology can also be integrated into lectures and show acts. Then the tiger is not roaring in pursuit of a deer, but year numbers fly through the room in 3D.

Images: Extended GmbH

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