Faber Audiovisuals Sets Sail

Faber Audiovisuals have already provided audiovisual support for several outdoor events in close quarters. Now their technology is being put to use on boats and circling the globe. This year, Faber Audiovisuals is an official partner of the Volvo Ocean Race and is ensuring the right atmosphere during the course of the eight-month event.

Tour Across the Globe

There are seven sailing teams taking part on this year’s Volvo Ocean Race, which takes place through the end of June, 2018, sailing around the world. The starting gun started it off in Spain on October 14, 2017. The race takes the participants through four oceans and past six continents. Faber Audiovisuals travels ahead of the teams in order to provide audiovisual support for the entire event. There are twelve cities serving as targets before the final goal is reached in The Haag. Faber Audiovisuals arrives ahead of time at the respective locations with two boats and two full-fledged video sets to assure everything is covered. For example, the first team was at the starting event in Spain while the second was already in Lisbon, preparing for the next event.
race supplier Faber Volvo-O

Village Race Experience

Faber Audiovisuals provides all of the equipment and the crews needed to set up the video screens, projectors, and loud speakers in the cities. This technology aims to take the audience along onto the water. Using the Race Experience, they can experience exciting scenes on the seas, but also gain insights into life on board and how the individual boats are set up. In addition, it provides information on the sustainability campaign “Turn the Tide on Plastic,” which will be accompanying this year’s race. Faber Audiovisuals will be following the race with a three-man team for the eight-month duration.

With its new technologies and the know-how built upon years of experience, Faber Audiovisuals remains a solid partner for the Volvo Ocean Race. At any rate, providing support for this world-wide event is a challenge.

In the following video you can catch a glimpse at the race including a few comments from participants:

Faber Audiovisuals has achieved prominence across the globe with its LED screens and audiovisual productions. The company – previously just family owned and run – now has locations in Germany, the Netherlands, Dubai, and the US, by now regarded as one of the leading brands in audiovisual technology across the world. In addition to Redbull, UEFA and FIFA, Faber Audiovisuals’ clients now includes the Volvo Ocean Race.

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