Gadget of the Week: Let There Be Light with Baselamp

Finding the perfect lamp isn’t always easy – particularly if you’re looking for something with its own unique flair. Thanks to the ‘Baselamp’ from Luke Lamp Co., you can transform practically anything – your favourite bottle of whisky, your goldfish bowl, a bottle of perfume, for example – into a lamp with personality. And the company has a series of artistic designs on offer that could provide a stylish finishing touch to any room.

Baselamp is exactly what it sounds like: a wooden base – of bamboo or walnut – containing an LED lamp that can be used to illuminate any object you choose, simply by placing it on the light source. The elegant design and soft LED light combine to create an intimate and unique atmosphere.



The dimmable LEDs in the lamp emit around 410 Lumen. A marginal difference to a 40 watt bulb, which emits around 430 lumen. Linseed oil is applied by hand to give the wooden case its classy polished finish. An aluminium heatsink in the base keeps it all cool and provides for absolute safety – there’s no chance of anything placed on the lamp catching fire.

Luke Lamp Co. is still a startup, but an intriguing idea like this is worth supporting. For only $99 for a handmade lamp, the Baselamp is definitely good value. And the American firm offers a range of unique lamps that you certainly won’t find anywhere else.

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Source: Luke Lamp Co.

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