Sound Technician out and About – These Things Make the Job Easier Part 1

Sound technicians are frequently out and about professionally. Especially as freelance technician or one-off mixer, there is a lot of movement and that’s why they are especially concerned with taking along as little equipment as possible. Particularly when the technology for the event is provided or the equipment every time varies, packing your bags isn’t always easy. This short guide shows how simple things should be a constant companion with gigs and events.

These few utensils help sound technicians “survive”

Flash Light
When searching for your own equipment following a stage show, indicator for larger distances or even getting an overview in dark corners – flash lights are essential for every event. That’s why every sound technician should have at least one along.

Screwdriver, pliers, scissors, etc.: who has space to carry around a tool box? But tools for setting up and breaking down sound technology are always needed. A multitool makes sure that the most important practical tools are always at the ready.

Hearing Protection
Even if this seems paradox for sound technicians, is can provide temporary or long-term hearing damage. Especially if the rehearsals are underway and the technicians have to be moving around in front of the PA on the stage, sensitive ears have to be protected.

Of course the selection of the proper adapter depends on the mission planned. But when it comes to constructing monitor connections out of multicore channels or if when monitors or other equipment necessitates cinch cables, the proper adapters prove to be a true blessing. With various sex-changers and multiple XLR cinch adapter cables there is a solution for many connection problems.

Zip Ties
There are differing strengths and lengths. In addition to their true tasks – organizing cables – they can be used in multiple settings. Whether temporary holders, fixers, or for tying down, cables are truly reliable help.

For more about emergency utensils for sound technicians, read part 2 of this series.

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