Gadget of the Week: Mpow’s Affordable Sports Headphones

Mpow’sMotivation is the be all and end all when it comes to fitness. With the right music pushing you that little bit harder, you can find yourself knocking minutes off your personal best, or doubling your rep count. Standard in-ear headphones are a common choice for the gym or going for a run, but wireless Bluetooth headsets – like Mpow’s Cheetah – are an excellent alternative for the fitness enthusiasts out there.

Wireless and lightweight, they connect easily with your smartphone via Bluetooth. So if you’re out running, you just need your phone in your pocket, and at the gym it’s even easier – just stick it on the bench next to you. The Cheetah links to your phone or MP3 player via Bluetooth 4.1 and the popular aptX audio codec. Thanks to an integrated microphone it can also be used as a hands-free device. The earpieces themselves are connected by a band that fits snugly on the back of your neck.

Music can play a vital role in helping your maintain or raise your pace or intensity when you’re exercising. And it can be helpful to switch between songs with different rhythms to match the phase of exercise you’re currently in. Mpow have made this easier by integrating controls in the earpiece (as opposed to relying solely on your music device); and although the Cheetah might be considered on the cheap and cheerful side, Mpow promise clear stereo sound for a satisfactory music experience.

kopfhörer-sport3Weighing in at just 24g, the headphones are extremely lightweight, and ready to be taken anywhere at a moment’s notice. Mpow claim a battery life of up to 8 hours, which should mean you can avoid constantly checking how much charge is left before you go for a run. The Cheetah comes in green, blue, and black versions, and at just €24.99, could well prove a worthwhile investment for the sportier among us.

Source: Mpow

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