Gadget of the Week: SmartHalo for Smart Cyclists

Everyone who’s caught the cycling bug knows there’s nothing better than being out on your bike – in all weathers, too. The only problem is, if you’re cycling somewhere new, how do you find your way? You can try using the map on your phone, but it’s not exactly a piece of cake trying to cycle and operate a smartphone at the same time. The SmartHalo from CycleLabs promises to change that: you’ll be able to keep your eyes on the road, because it turns your bike itself into your personal assistant.


The Bluetooth-enabled SmartHalo unit attaches to the centre of your handlebars. The ‘halo’ is a ring of LED lights that displays information from your smartphone in simple visual form. The device is now your navigator, and using the route planned into your phone will literally point you in the right direction with easy-to-follow visual cues.

Smart Nav? Smart Bike

But the LED halo isn’t the only trick up its sleeve. Once connected to your smartphone, the gadget will also light up to notify you of incoming calls and messages. The smartphone app lets you choose which notifications you receive. And the SmartHalo also has an ambient light sensor that automatically turns the front LED lamp on when it gets dark. Its motion sensor detects whether you are riding or not. When you stop, after a few seconds the LED lamp switches off and the alarm function can be activated. Similar to a car alarm, the alarm is set off if anyone interferes with the bike.

Sporty types will be happy with the fitness function which tracks how far and how fast you ride, as well as totting up the amount of calories you’ve burned. That makes the SmartHalo a satnav, lamp, security alarm and activity tracker all in one small package. Make a pledge on Kickstarter, and you can expect delivery in May 2016.

Bilderquelle: CycleLabs

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