Gadget of the Week: Thread Screen with Colourful Cords

Adverts on LED walls are now an everyday occurrence. That’s why Breakfast New York made a much more impressive display project reality for the fashion company Forever 21. This screen contains colourful threads between which the image is interlaced.

Display colourful

The display is made up of 6,400 mechanical spools of thread filled with multicolored fabric. There’s a new colour every inch and a half, totalling 36 shades. A computer rolls the threads into the right position and checks it with an infrared camera.

According to Breakfast NY, the machine contains more than 200,000 parts and weighs a good ton. Whoever wants to see the installation live should absolutely travel to Brooklyn, New York between July 22 and 28. But then they should also have your picture on display, right? To do that, you simply post a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #F21ThreadScreen and you might even get your face in the threads.

Source: Forever 21 (YouTube)

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