Homemade Light Effects


Today we are going to leave the topics of elaborate sound and light installations used in stage productions and festivals, and instead concentrate on our own home. Nowadays, thanks to the extraordinary ideas of manufacturers throughout the world, we do not have to go without the sensational use of lighting and sound at home.

For example, Luminex has created the Luminous Bed Cover, in which light conductive threads light up pillows and blankets. And for those of you for whom that gimmickry is not enough in your bedroom, we recommend you try this instead of classic starry sky.

The floating LED balloons are a Japanese designer’s idea and must be blown up just like regular balloons. Apart from that the LEDs provide for sufficient energy input and luminosity. Those of you who may need a little cooling off after a night filled with so many light effects, can have a Karaoke session while in the shower. Thanks to integrated speakers and a Bluetooth connection to your Smartphone or MP3 player, you can sing in the shower for up to 7 hours.

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