Interview With Syncronorm – Manufacturer Of High-End Multimedia Show Design Software

With more than 15 years of experience in software development, Syncronorm GmbH, based in Germany, offers a versatile service that ranges from the development of software and hardware solutions for the event industry to direct sales and corresponding consulting to personalised training. Syncronorm GmbH is an innovation leader in the field of water show visualisation and control and serves many other sectors of the entertainment industry worldwide.

Syncronorm looks to the future with confidence

Syncronorm GmbH develops and distributes the multimedia show design & control software Depence, which has an integrated and unique real-time 3D visualisation. Depence is an innovative software application that enables the design process of highly complex multimedia shows, simultaneous real-time visualisation as well as show control in one. The rendering technology used in Depence uses real physical parameters, which allows the holistic, almost perfectly synchronised simulation of multimedia shows in architectural environments. In parallel, software and hardware connectivity and support for common industry standards such as ArtNET, ACN, NDI or DMX, as well as various intuitive features, make it possible to programm and control highly complex multimedia shows on the move or on site."

Andre Portmann / Marketing Syncronrom

1. This year has seen an increase in events after a forced break of two years. How has your company perceived the past months?

As the manufacturer of the show design and visualisation software Depence, Syncronorm GmbH has experienced the last few months as particularly exciting, as many events that were pre-planned and designed using our products have finally been realised in reality. We were able to experience many breathtaking multimedia stage shows in the flesh. We are very proud that we were able to continue supporting our clients with our individual software solutions during the difficult pandemic period. Our Depence software system was a great help during the lockdown for many designers who were able to use Depence to prepare for the tours and festivals that are now starting up again. We are all the more excited that their work is finally bearing fruit and that we will continue to be offered unique and exciting shows in the future. However, we are not only looking at the live sector, but also at the technical innovations that have been established in the field of virtual productions in the last two years. With the release of Depence R3, the latest iteration of our software system, we will continue to actively support this segment with many new features and innovations.

2. What are your expectations for the industry in the coming years?

Looking back on all the fantastic customer projects we were able to support in 2022 and before, we are full of enthusiasm and confidence for the future. We hope to continue to be a strong partner for designers and artists who rely on our software solutions to create their multimedia shows. Here we are watching the current developments in the show industry with great excitement. Not only do we continue to adapt our Depence software system for both small and large events and their design processes, but we are also focusing on the area of virtual reality, which has established itself in our industry over the pandemic period. We expect that our industry will be even more diverse and hope to be able to set trends with innovative solutions here as well, in order to be able to support the various workflows of our clientele in the best possible way. Here, the creativity of our customers should continue to come first when it comes to developing new features and functions for our Depence software and improving it even further.

3. What is the importance of Prolight + Sound as an event technology trade fair for you?

For Syncronorm GmbH, as an annual participant, Prolight + Sound is not only a trade fair for professional exchange with customers and partners on the latest industry trends, but also brings together long-time companions and many new faces. We appreciate the internationality of the fair, as well as the family atmosphere, which go hand in hand in Frankfurt year after year. As one of the most relevant major events for the event industry, we always actively use the reach of Prolight + Sound to present our latest products and innovations. So visitors in 2023 can once again look forward to exclusive and up-close impressions at the Syncronorm GmbH stand.

4. With a view to Prolight + Sound 2023: Can you give visitors a little foretaste of what to expect?

After the release of our latest major release Depence R3 in January 2023, visitors can expect a deep insight into the far-reaching functions of our new fireworks simulation, which is exclusive to any other multimedia show visualiser. With Depence R3, the new compatibility in the area of Virtual Reality also offers exciting new functions and possibilities, which enable a far-reaching technical implementation in the most diverse types of projects. Syncronorm GmbH will also be presenting a number of innovations in the area of hardware, such as the latest version of our high-performance multimedia show server V:Server4, which is used primarily in the area of fountain shows.

Syncronorm is looking forward to your visit in Hall 12.1, Stand D37.


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