Your ears will be ringing!

Your ears will be ringing!It would be relatively boring to just see acoustic technology in the off position. Instead, it is much nicer to experience the systems in action and really give your ears something to hear. The organizers at the Prolight+Sound will make sure of that. Then, in addition to all the “off” products in the exhibition area, the concert and sound arena will have many “on” products.

In fifteen minute intervals, selected exhibitors will present their systems in the arena. We might advise you to take few steps back with some exhibitions; since modern technology can be quite loud. But the long and short of it remains that an audience spread across a large area should hear everything well. It is not just that you can hear, but rather how.

Especially at the increasingly popular classic big events, ever greater demands, which are different than those are regular concerts, are placed on the technology. Each guest should be able to hear the tones of many instruments in perfect harmony. No matter if he is sitting in the front, the left or the right. So why don’t you do a field test at the Prolight+Sound and remember to get some fresh “sound air” between visits to the exhibition halls. From morning to night, the systems will be in action in both arenas for you to see and hear. But we warned you, it will definitely not be quiet!

Picture source: 4iMedia

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