JB-Lighting: “Prolight + Sound is our main fair.”

The German company JB-Lighting has been developing, designing and producing intelligent light and light mixing consoles since 1990. The long-established company, which produces high-tech products "Made in Germany" at Blaustein in the south of Germany, has been participating at Prolight + Sound for over 20 years. Jörg Zimmermann, Sales Director of JB-Lighting since 2007, talks in an interview about quality requirements and shorter life cycles.

Jörg Zimmermann JB-Sales

Jörg Zimmermann, Vertriebsleiter JB-Lighting

1. Your complete production takes place in one location only. What advantages does that have?
We aim to assure our products have a constant high quality. We are able to guarantee this by having the entire production process take place in house. Starting with tin processing to cable working to circuiting, we are able to influence and assure the quality of individual parts in every step of the manufacturing process. This leads to a flexible assembly planning and a cost-efficient production thanks to the specialization of the machine park. In addition, we pay attention to environmentally friendly production because our production is resource efficient with the help of photovoltaic and using heat from a biogas plant.

2. Why do you produce in Germany?
This is how we have short and direct coordination processes. From development to the final inspections, we have united our entire know-how “under one roof.” For us, being located in Germany is ideal because we are able to produce high-tech products “Made in Germany” with the help of qualified experts and with a high degree of automation. This way our clients have direct contact and short reaction times.

JB-Lighting Prolight + Sound 2018 Sparx7

JB-Lighting's Sparx7

3. What is especially important abput your products?
As already mentioned, we take special care for a constant, high quality. The combination of mechanics, optics, and electronics make our products very attractive. We enjoy technology and the production. This leads to a very efficient, compact, and high-performance devices. JB Lighting products are long-lasting and durable in comparison to other producers.

4. What quality standards do you have for your products?
The products we deliver are conceived for hard road use. Even devises that have been in use forover twenty years still function reliably. However, if a problem should arise, we will repair the device with our service on location.

JB-Lighting Prolight + Sound 2018 P7

JB-Lighting's P7

5. How has the industry changed since the beginning of your production? What potential is there in this area?
Even with moving lights, the product life cycle is increasingly short. This leads to our clients needing to fulfill their investment in ever-shorter periods of time. We try to counteract this trend by offering a manageable palette of spot and wash light products over the years with the same traits and at stable prices.

6. Why is Prolight + Sound fair interesting for you?
Prolight + Sound is our main trade fair, where we’ve been participating for over 20 years. Here we have the opportunity to show our German and international customers the product portfolio as well as innovations, to maintain long-term customer contacts and to establish new business relationships.

Image source: JG Lighting

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