Laser Safety Seminar For Shows

Laser shows are spectacular: they thrill with their lighting effects, which produce graphics, writing or 3D objects. As fascinating as laser shows can be, incorrect usage can quickly become dangerous for the audience and artists. In order to make laser shows safe, there are additional rules – and an independent laser safety officer.

Safety and security at laser shows

In short, laser safety officers are responsible for the operational security of a laser system. The main objective is the monitoring of safety and protective measures, in particular the correct usage of eye protection. At the same time, they inform those responsible about system problems and disruptions and supports technicians with the examination of accidents with laser radiation.

In many cases a laser safety officers should already be present when setting up a system. The basis for this is offered by the guidelines of the German regulations for occupational insurance schemes (BGV B2), according to which,

“during the use of the class 3B and 4 (according to EN 60825-l) lasers or 3B and 4 (according to DIN VDI 0837) […] a laser safety officer should be ordered by the company in writing.”

This way, those responsible should have sufficient technical knowledge, which must be demonstrated by professional training or experience.

Seminars for laser safety officers

The Laserworld Academy offers seminars for the training and continuing education of laser safety officers. Here they can receive and document the professional contents demanded by BGV B2. The system demands are explained using special, praxis-oriented examples like show applications of lasers.

The academy works with partners from the entertainment industry who can provide participants with practical experience and tips. The seminar topics include an overview of the physical size and shape of laser radiation, biological effects, as well as the legal basis and rules of the technology, laser safety and protection (including indirect dangers) as well as tasks and responsibilities of the laser safety officer in operation.

Following a completed examination, the participants receive a certificate as well as credentials in a wallet format. Further information and schedules can be found on the Laserworld Academy website.

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