LD Systems MAILA – Scalable Sound Reinforcement System

LD Systems was represented with a booth at this year's Prolight + Sound 2022. However, only one product was presented. But it is said to have a lot to offer.

Its name: MAILA, this abbreviation stands for Modular All-Round Intelligent Line Array.

The MAILA is a scalable sound reinforcement system, which is intended for the rental market. The MAILA system will never set standards in terms of user-friendliness as well as flexibility.

Four basic elements form the basis

The four basic elements of the MAILA system include the MAILA SAT, a satellite module, the MAILA COL column module, the MAILA SPA amplifier module and the MAILA SUB subwoofer. This allows scalable and flexible configurations to accommodate a wide range of applications.

Whether stereo speech reinforcement without SUB, larger conferences or a club gig, even a line array system at festivals with variable subwoofer arrangement on the floor is possible.

System flexibility, features and technologies

SmartLink+ provides a wireless connection for power and signal, as well as automatic detection of individual modules via aluminum rails. A wireless connection with ranges of up to 30 meters is achieved with the LogoLink antennas.

Using the free MAILA app (available for iPadOS), each MAILA system can be configured quickly, easily and in detail. Wireless system updates or the calculation of SAT angles are thereby quickly executed.

The patented EasySplay mechanism takes line array usability to a whole new level. The mechanism allows an almost stepless adjustment of the tilt of each satellite from 0-8°. With just one hand, the angulation can be adjusted via a rotary handle, even under load.

The result is a great, scalable sound for almost any application.


In an interview, Andreas Marx, Head of Strategic Communications at Adam Hall, told us about the new and sophisticated features and technologies of the MAILA system.

1. There are many different line array systems on the market. What makes MAILA so special?

MAILA (Modular All-Round Intelligent Line-Array) is not just "a" product, but a scalable sound reinforcement system that combines the best concepts of sound reinforcement technology in one system and sets new standards in its diversity and flexibility. With its four basic elements - the MAILA SAT satellite module, the MAILA COL column module, the MAILA SPA amplifier module and the MAILA SUB subwoofer - MAILA enables scalable and unrivaled flexible system configurations for a wide range of sound reinforcement applications. The result is a great, scalable sound for almost any application.

2. MAILA is characterized above all by its modular design and the flexibility that comes with it. For whom is MAILA a good alternative to large line array systems?

The MAILA slogan is "Some jobs require a large line array. For all others, there's MAILA." That puts it perfectly. MAILA is aimed at rental providers and venues that don't want to commit to a single system. With MAILA, a wedding reception can be implemented today, a club gig tomorrow, and a festival on the third day. Each application gets the perfectly tailored setup. What's more, MAILA's sleek, wireless design concept also makes it suitable for theaters. We firmly believe that MAILA's flexibility will make it the ideal complement to large, bulky line array systems.

3. The MAILA system is not only flexible, but also brings some innovations. What's the deal with the patented EasySplay mechanism?

MAILA includes numerous thoughtful features and technologies that noticeably simplify the life of any sound engineer: SmartLink+ provides wireless power and signals to the modules, the invisible LogoLink antennas enable wireless configuration via the MAILA app, and much more. The patented EasySplay mechanism is arguably the biggest innovation in this series and takes line array usability to a new level. EasySplay allows users to adjust the tilt of each MAILA satellite almost continuously from 0° to 8°. The angulation can be implemented with just one hand via a rotary handle, even under load. In this way, every MAILA system offers a hitherto uniquely flexible concept for adapting the sound coverage to any sound reinforcement situation at any time.

4. Where can interested parties take a look at the system if they didn't make it to Prolight + Sound?

MAILA is a system that you have to see, hear and touch in order to recognize the full added value. That's why we cordially invite all interested parties to come to our Adam Hall Experience Center in Neu-Anspach for a detailed demo, to see for themselves and to take this opportunity to get to know the LD Systems development team - the people behind MAILA.

5. The industry is meeting again for the first time in two years. How does it feel to be back at a trade fair?

In one word: mega! This year's prolight + sound was more light than sound - but an important starting point. On the one hand, we had several world premieres at our LD Systems booths this year, but also our light brand Cameo®.

In addition to MAILA, we showed the Cameo OTOS H5 IP65 hybrid moving head and the P2 profile spotlight for the first time in public. On the other hand, Prolight + Sound 2022 was so much more than just another product show for us: a long-awaited reunion of the industry as well as an important platform for the pressing issues of the future of the event industry.

6. The event industry is very shaken by the pandemic. What are your expectations for the future of the industry?

It is clear that global volatility and uncertainty will continue for a while. The potential for digitization must continue to be leveraged. It is also clear that all trade show formats need to reinvent themselves in close collaboration with the industry. Our job is to define exchange formats and ask ourselves, "What contribution can we make to influence the world to be a better one?" Live experiences are coming back stronger than ever, because nothing beats being together in real life. But in the medium term, there needs to be a clear added value, an element of surprise and the unexpected in any live format. There will not and should not be a return to 2019, especially in view of the challenges to event sustainability. Looking to the future, we have great opportunities, so let's take advantage of them!

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