Luminex Network Intelligence Launches 10Gb GigaCore 30i Switch

This year Luminex launched the new 10Gb GigaCore 30i switch, which attracted a lot of attention during Prolight + Sound. GigaCore 30i is Luminex's new 10Gb AV-dedicated switch, ideal for all AV professionals in the most demanding AV networks for integration, installation and touring.

Ten years of experience

Luminex introduced the GigaCore switches in 2012, featuring simplicity and ease of use. Combined with Araneo, the system-wide configuration and monitoring software, GigaCore is a fast solution for setting up a complete AV network in just a few clicks.

With the 10Gb GigaCore 30i switch, the Belgium-based manufacturer of data distribution equipment for professional lighting, audio and video applications is launching a further development. In doing so, GigaCore 30i enables full network convergence of lighting control, audio, intercom and compressed video with its 10Gb connectivity.

Optimized for modern AV protocols

GigaCore 30i is inherently optimized for use with the most advanced AV protocols. Pre-configured Quality of Service (QoS), IGMP multicast, and PTPv2 settings provide a responsive and stable network environment for audio protocols such as Dante™, AES67, Q-SYS, and many more.

With a PoE budget of up to 1000W and PoE++ on every copper port, this GigaCore switch can power any IP PTZ camera or speaker on the market. GigaCore 30i is thus suitable solution for AV networks in integration, fixed installations and touring for lighting, audio and video.

No IT knowledge required

Luminex has made it its own goal to make setting up a professional AV network as easy as possible, even without IT knowledge. Thus, no IT knowledge is required for the GigaCore 30i either, as the optimization has already been implemented in advance. Instead, a rich and intuitive web UI is available for easy, fast and clear configuration.The web UI with group technology and colored LED indicators on each port makes separating applications into VLANs self-explanatory. In addition, a robust yet silent design allows the GigaCore 30i to be used in any AV environment.

GigaCore 30i Key Features

  • 10Gb connectivity with 6 SFP+ ports to support convergence of lighting, audio and compressed video protocols.
  • Fully validated in real-world applications interoperability with major AV industry brands for multiple protocols including NDI™, Dante™, AES67, ST 2110, IPMX, MA-Net and many more.
  • PoE++ implementation on each copper port allows connection of all PoE devices available today with a maximum total budget of 1000 watts.

About Luminex Network Intelligence

Luminex Network Intelligence is a Belgium-based manufacturer of data distribution equipment for professional lighting, audio and video applications, focusing primarily on the entertainment industry. Luminex offers a complete line of network switches validated for interoperability across many ecosystems.

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