Mott Presents a Piece Of Jungle And Celebrates The #Restart

Over the past two years, the event industry has proven time and again that it has not been asleep during the pandemic, but has instead developed creative and efficient solutions for the entire event and entertainment industry. At Prolight + Sound 2022, the industry will meet again for the first time since 2019 to present those same innovations to each other. This is also the case for Mott Mobile System from Tauberbischofsheim. The expert for podiums and stage elements is one of the regular exhibitors at the trade fair and is looking forward to rocking the #Restart at Prolight + Sound 2022. In this context, Mott will present a range of new ideas and solutions for the entire event industry - and not only in the field of mobile podiums & stage elements.

Mott presents a piece of the jungle: Blackpanthersystem

BlackpanthersystemAt Prolight + Sound there have always been a lot of creative ideas for name installations or unusual applications of the products. Mott joins these innovations with the new brand Blackpanthersystem. This has already been introduced at Mott since 2021.

The studio, stage and office solution is only at first glance a keyboard stand. The modular system can be combined flexibly and individually and used in countless variations - for example as a keyboard stand, studio table, gaming table or DJ table. With various expansion options, Blackpanthersystem offers every user the possibility to design his individual black panther to fit his application purposes.

The creative founder of Blackpanthersystem chose the extraordinary name after the rare black animals in the Amazon rainforest to emphasize how extraordinary this system is. Accordingly, the names of the products are also named after the tree species from the rainforest.

(Almost) as high as the trees in the Amazon

Another product from the Mott jungle family has grown once again this year - and is trying to live up to its namesakes. Dinizia are considered the tallest trees in the Amazon. The Mott media column Dinizia does the same to its namesake and seeks new heights.

With a height of up to 3 m, the media column can be set up stably and compactly. At events, it is thus a simultaneously brilliant and elegant solution for placing commercially available event technology such as screens, lighting, audio simply, discreetly and cleverly in the room with just one product.

TOP 06E: A motorized height-adjustable platform

Mott Mobile System is presenting a motorized height-adjustable podium for the first time at Prolight + Sound 2022, which has already been installed in a theater in Berlin. The TOP 06E is based in principle on the already proven fixed scissor platform TOP 05 with mechanical height adjustment.

Mott: Trade fairs offer us the opportunity to cultivate our networks

The team at Mott, which celebrated its 100th anniversary two years ago, is excited about the #restart. In this interview, they reveal how they made the most of the pandemic period and what visitors can expect at the show.

1. The event industry has been very shaken in the past two years. How did you feel about that time?

There have been a lot of ups and downs over the past two years. It has felt like being on a roller coaster. Each lockdown has created a shock in the clientele from the event industry. With each lockdown, there was also a new upswing, and so it was back and forth for two years. Our advantage during this time was that we are broadly positioned and, in addition to mobile stage platforms, we also manufacture machine and work platforms for industry and serve many, other target groups with folding table systems. We also used this time to reposition ourselves in the market as a service provider with our manufacturing capabilities (two tube laser systems, powder coating system, etc.). Furthermore, our diverse manufacturing capabilities also allowed us to produce mobile hygiene walls, enabling us to respond quickly to the changing market situation.

2. What are your expectations for the development of the industry in the coming weeks and months?

When you currently talk to customers, you can hear between the lines that 2022 will again be an event year. Our customers seem to be able to realize events and great projects, in which we can then also participate with our products. Accordingly, we are looking positively into the next weeks and months.

The current challenge then tends to be providing sufficient personnel. This does not necessarily concern us, but rather our customers who are directly on site at the events and need personnel. Procuring materials was already a challenge during the pandemic and has taken on a new dimension this year. Fortunately, we have purchased and planned ahead so that we are currently well positioned, but we also have to keep a close eye on developments.

3. Many trade shows have not taken place for two years. How important are trade shows now?

Trade shows are more important to us than ever. We exhibited at the Future of Festivals in Berlin for the first time in November 2021. This year, we are also planning further trade fair appearances in addition to Prolight + Sound. At Musikmesse, we wanted to present our new brand "Blackpanthersystem". We will now make up for this at the NAMM Show in the USA. Further appearances at other trade fairs are also planned for this year.
Trade fairs are still an important part of exchanging personal ideas with customers, partners, suppliers and market companions. The effect and importance of personal exchange is still not to be underestimated and the trade fairs offer us the opportunity to maintain and expand our network. That is why we will continue to focus on our presence at trade fairs.

4. You will be participating in Prolight + Sound 2022. What surprises do you have planned for visitors?

We will show a number of new products: with the Praktikus 500, we already wanted to present a plug-in pedestal in 2020/21 that weighs less than 30 kg for the first time at 2x1 m with 29 kg. A real lightweight for users and has already established itself on the market.

Furthermore we plan to present our new motorized podium TOP 06E. We installed it for the first time in a theater in Berlin this year and would now like to exhibit it at Prolight + Sound.

With the new brand "Blackpanthersystem" (powered by Mott) we will show a stand system which can be used as keyboard, studio, gaming and DJ table. A system with countless possibilities.

And last but not least a new modular and pluggable media column/stele up to 3m height for light, sound and video technology - elegant, stable and flexible. It's definitely worth stopping by our booth. 😊

The new products can be viewed at Prolight + Sound at the Mott booth in Hall 12.0 / E37 - and who knows: maybe visitors will also find a black panther at the Mott booth...

Images: Mott Mobile Systeme GmbH & Co. KG

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