New 8K Laser Projector from Digital Projection

2018 also holds several innovations for event technicians, helping them realize stage projects and events large and small. One of the first was an announcement by British producer Digital Project signaling a 8K laser projector. The so-called INSIGHT Dual Laser 8K primarily aims to be suitable for use at big event spaces, but also a fitting piece of equipment for scholarly and immersive visualizations.

On the market before the end of the year: INSIGHT Dual Laser Projector with 8K resolution

Insight 4K digital projection previous model

The previous model INSIGHT 4K by Digital Projection

Not least thanks to a particularly long-lasting solid state laser phosphorous light source, the model offers a relatively wide spectrum of projection possibilities. The product utilizes the 1.38” DarkChip DMD chips to realizes the images. Accurate blacks and a corresponding color precision are largely based on ColorMax technology. Its diverse operational readiness is not least due to the various kinds of installation – assembly is not only available in tall and wide formats, but every degree in between. Above all, the high 8K resolution (7680 X 4320) with 33 million pixels ensures clear and varied projection. The solid state laser phosphorous illumination with 25,000 ANSI lumens not only achieves a bright image. According to the manufacturer, changing lamps is unnecessary. This means the system can be operated without interruption and operation costs can be correspondingly reduced.
However, event organizers and technicians still have to be a little patient. The INSIGHT Dual Laser 8K is slated to be available in stores starting in Q3 2018.

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