New at the Prolight 2014: The Theater and Film Colloquium

What are the latest trends in stage technology? What do you need to be mindful of in stage construction when it comes to fire safety and overall safety in a theater? And how can theater and film help each other to be more profitable? Brand new this year at Prolight + Sound there will be a theater and film colloquium. The newest forum will take place on March 13 between 10am - 3:30pm in Hall 9 in the Esprit Room and it is free with your Prolight + Sound admission ticket.

Stage construction and theater technology

It will devote itself to fascinating themes in the theater, stage and film technology. Right at the start, it will be about the Linz musical theater - one of the world's largest turning stages. The consultants Norbert Reichart and Oliver Brück are going to give you a look at the refinements of this technical marvel, which has an integrated turning stage as well as three very complex double stack daises combined with inclinable covers.

In other presentations, parameters of film and theater, national and international fire safety, as well as apprenticeship and advanced training possibilities and job security in the film and TV industry will also be discussed. In between there are enough breaks to exchange more information with industry insiders. The entire presentation program for the Theater and Film Colloquium can be found here.

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