Spectacular Presentations With Holopoint

Boring PowerPoint presentations were yesterday. With the holography technology of entertainer and show producer Ralf Matten, presentations and keynotes are taken to a new level. Holopoint Hologram visualizes static PowerPoint and KeyNote documents and transforms them into a 3D experience.

Holographic 3D animation

Many are familiar with it from science fiction movies and series such as Star Trek or Star Wars: instead of simply making a phone call, interlocutors appear as holograms in front of the hero. But hologram technology is no longer a dream of the future.

Ralf Matten has taken this visualization technology to a new level. His Holopoint technology visualizes images, graphics and photo-realistic 3D animations directly on stage. The holographic visualization opens up new interaction possibilities for the speakers. For example, it is possible to "throw" images, texts, symbols or graphics at each other. Presentations can thus be experienced by the audience. Boring speeches and presentations become an emotional, digital show.

Stream guest speakers on stage

Having guest speakers participate in a presentation or lecture via a screen is nothing new, at least since the Corona pandemic. Holopoint takes this technology one step further.

People can be streamed directly to the stage from any location using hologram technology - not as an image on a screen, but as a life-size hologram. The streamed person can thus interact with the participants on and in front of the stage as if they were directly there.

But not only real guest speakers can be integrated into the presentation. Avatars can also be projected onto the stage and become part of the show.

35 years of experience in the industry

Ralf Matten is an old hand in the industry. For 35 years he has been a creative head in the event industry. From rapper to music producer to show producer, his years of experience in the industry range. For more than 25 years he has been successfully bringing product and company presentations live to (trade) fair stages. He always finds new ways to turn simple presentations into emotional and impressive shows. He is the founder of Electric Dance Theatre and has been producing individual hologram shows for more than ten years.

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