New Regulations For Laser Shows in Switzerland – Corona Compliant Seminars

Already in February 2019, the Federal Council of Switzerland issued the Ordinance on Protection against Hazards arising from Non-Ionising Radiation and Noise (V-NISSG). This will take effect in December 2020 and defines that an operator with expertise is required for each laser show. Laserworld offers corona-compliant seminars for the proof of expertise as well as for the laser safety officer.

Specific regulations on expertise in Switzerland

New Regulations For Laser Shows in SwitzerlandThe training for the certificate of competence is organised in two levels. According to V-NISSG operators can obtain a "small" affirmation of expertise in a one-day event that qualifies to perform laser shows without public exposure. For the entire qualification a certificate of competence and an examination are required, which can be obtained in a four-day training. Afterwards laser shows with and without audience exposure may be performed.

Specific training and examination by a recognised examination centre are required for this proof. This cannot simply be taken at every training centre, as Switzerland, unlike other countries, requires specific regulations.

Impact on the event industry

The new law does not only concern powerful, large laser systems, but all equipment in classes 1M, 2M, 3R, 3B and 4. The effects of the regulation are therefore far-reaching, as they also concern common DJ light effects with integrated laser effect. These should also no longer be operated without expert knowledge.

Moreover, it is no longer permitted for a suitably qualified cover-up operator to assume responsibility. For large productions and tours, the new regulation also applies that the person who operates the laser must have expert knowledge.

Corona compliant seminars at Laserworld

Laser safety seminars corona-compliantCompanies wishing to offer training in laser safety must be recognised by the Federal Office of Public Health. Laserworld (Switzerland) is one of two companies that have been recognised as examination centres in Switzerland for the training of expert knowledge for events with laser radiation according to V-NISSG.

Laserworld offers the training for expertise as well as the training for laser safety officers in corona conform environment. The applicable hygiene requirements are taken into account. However, the courses must be held as face-to-face courses, as online courses are not permitted according to DGUV principle 303-005 page 5. Please register in advance, as places are limited due to the requirements.

For further information on training in technical expertise, please refer to Dates for the training courses for laser safety officers can be found at

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